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Digital downloads? Online worlds? It weren't like that in our day.

30/04/09 – Future, the special-interest media group, has revealed a bold new look for its flagship PC games brand, PC Gamer.

Following the celebration of its milestone 200th issue earlier this month, PC Gamer is undergoing its most comprehensive design overhaul since launching in December 1993 – and the first major redesign for the title in five years. PC Gamer is also published by Future in the US and has international editions created under license by local publishing partners.

Comprehensively redesigned, Future has rebuilt the magazine to reflect the fast-evolving PC games market. From the refreshed logo to the new clean, visual-led layout, PC Gamer adopts a mature look and feel, retaining the unique brand of sardonic humour which made PC Gamer the UK’s bestselling PC games magazine.

By carefully refocusing the content of PC Gamer, more of the team’s respected opinion will shine through, with writers offering their views and observations on the biggest news, as they offer their take on issues that affect today’s PC gamers. With an increased features quota, PC Gamer will cover everything that’s relevant to PC games players, from the latest hardware and technology trends, through to an exploration of today’s online worlds and the people who inhabit them.

Reflecting the changing way that PC games are now delivered and consumed, PC Gamer will continue to preview and review the biggest titles, but also widens its remit to review independently created ‘digital only’ titles with the same attention ‘boxed’ retail releases receive.

PC Gamer issue 201 goes on sale Thursday, 7th May - and includes a huge exclusive preview of Activision Blizzard’s eagerly-anticipated Starcraft II. The spotlight is also shone on exciting forthcoming games such as Aliens Vs Predator, ARMA 2, The Secret World, Champions Online, Wolfenstein and many more. Features include how to use cutting-edge mobile broadband to play PC games anywhere plus the latest on hit MMOs World of Warcraft and Eve Online. The new-look reviews section features over 20 new releases including Demigod, Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor and indie sensation Braid.

Ross Atherton, Editor of PC Gamer UK, said:

“We have a duty to our dedicated readers to produce a magazine that reflects the way they feel about their hobby. The new-look PC Gamer takes fun seriously with an adult, high-quality design that matches the mature nature of PC games. We’re never afraid to address the big issues that affect PC gamers today and tell them what they need to know. That said, the sense of humour that’s always been our trademark is present and correct, and we’re always ready to have a laugh at the expense of anyone who forgets that gaming is all about fun.”

Richard Keith, Publisher of PC Gamer UK, added:

“These are exciting times for PC gaming and it’s important that PC Gamer not only reflects the fundamental changes going on but shows leadership as well. The monthly print title is the cornerstone of the global PC Gamer brand and the changes being made will be reflected online and across our associated brand extensions in the coming months as we diversify the brand beyond it print heritage.”

Issue 201 of PC Gamer goes on sale Thursday, 7th May – with a coverprice of £5.99.


About Future

Future plc is an international special-interest media group that is listed on the London Stock Exchange (symbol FUTR). Founded in 1985 with one magazine, today we have operations in the UK, US and Australia creating over 180 special-interest publications, websites and events for people who are passionate about their interests. We hold strong market positions in games, film, music, technology, cycling, automotive and crafts. Our biggest-selling magazines include T3, Total Film, Digital Camera, Fast Car, Classic Rock, Guitar World, Official Xbox Magazine, Official Playstation Magazine, Nintendo Power, Maximum PC and MacLife. Our websites include gamesradar.com, bikeradar.com, techradar.com, and musicradar.com. Future produces over 4 million magazines each month; we attract more than 18 million unique visitors to our websites; and we host 25 annual live events that attract hundreds of thousands of enthusiasts. In addition, Future exports, syndicates or licenses its publications to 90 countries internationally, making us the UK's number one exporter and licensor of monthly magazines.

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