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Partnertrans at Quo Vadis

Workshop to be hosted on April 29th. Be there!

Partnertrans co-founder Iris Ludolf is again hostingrunning a workshop at the forthcoming “Quo Vadis”, the German developer’s conference, to be held in Berlin from 27 – 29 April, 2010.

“With the rapidfrequent emergence of new markets requiring localizsation means that - the process tof adapting content to the culture and language of these markets - ishas become more important than ever for the international players in the industry. The general feel among publishers is that tAlso with he increasing popularity of digital distribution channels such aslike PSN, XBLA and, iTunes and , tthe various app stores etc. becoming more and more popular make, localizsation is a n excellent route topath to additional revenue, more and more publishers consider..”,, Ssaysexplains Iris Ludolf.. “A good working relationship between publishers, developers and localizsation agencies is vital to ensureachieve a smooth localizsation process andwith to achieve optimiumsed results. The workshop will highlight the interaction between publishers/developers and the localization agencies, and how together they can achieve a high standard offor their localizsed product. Publishers/ and developers will learn what happens behind the scenes of a localizsation agency and how they can help make their localizsed title a success with the target audiences, saving time, costss and headacheshassle in the process!.

“Weltherrschaft - oder: Wie erobert mein Spiel die ganze Welt?” (World Domination - or: how will my game conquer the world?) will be held on 29 April from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm in room A04.


About Partnertrans

Partnertrans was formed in 1998, and is now one of the world's leading providers of localizsation solutions to the interactive entertainment industry. Partnertrans has worked on thousands of projects to date, and is currently working for clients such asincluding: Ubisoft, SCEE, Sony Online Entertainment, Ignition Entertainment, Deep Silver, Namco, Gameloft, Mr.Goodliving and RealNetworks.

The founders of Partnertrans have a combined total of over 30 years' experience in the localizsation industry. Their range of services includes localizsation project evaluation, localizsation project management, translation from and to all of the world's major languages, voice production, localizsation quality assurance, proof-reading, editing, localizsation of graphic material, implementation of localizsed assetsmaterials, layout of print materials, adaptation of marketing materials (including websites) for target markets and DVD-related work, 1st party paper part submissions and approvals, USK rating submissions, porting and port testing.

3 times Develop Award Finalist three times and ME Award Finalist, Partnertrans is a member of G.A.M.E. and provides localizsation services for all platforms, including mobiles and handhelds.

For more information please visit www.partnertrans.com.



Iris Ludolf

+49 (0)2104 172659



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