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Paradox Interactive attain Immortality through Lost Empire

Publisher signs new title to their continuously growing portfolio

New York, USA (September 6, 2007) - Paradox Interactive announced today that the company has signed the challenging 4X strategy game with a fresh take on the genre - Lost Empire: Immortals.

Set in space, Lost Empire: Immortals features 6 playable races, each with their own compelling storyline who battle for domination of a vast empire. Players will be able to research technologies from a multilevel science tree as well as use the leaders of their empire as diplomats, space engineers, archeologist and much more

"Pollux Gamelabs have impressed us immensely in the past, and we are confident that this title will be well received in the strategy gaming community worldwide", said Fredrik Wester, Executive Vice President.

"Paradox has vast experience in doing strategy games, as well as great knowledge of the strategy game market. Their track record as well as being trustworthy makes them ideal publishing partner for Pollux and our upcoming title Lost Empire: Immortals", said Søren Bisgaard, CEO Pollux Gamelabs. "This will be our best work yet and we look forward to reaching a global market together with Paradox".

Lost Empire: Immortals for the PC Platformis scheduled for a release during Q1, 2008 and will retail for $29.99/29.99.

To find out more about the release of this title, please contact pr@paradoxplaza.com.

About Paradox Interactive

Paradox Interactive has been a leading publisher and developer of strategy games for the PC platform since 1999. Well-known worldwide for their strategy titles, the company has a particularly strong presence in Europe and the US. The steadily growing publishing portfolio includes in-house developed titles such as critically acclaimed franchises Europa Universalis and Hearts of Iron; as well as third party titles that include Rush for Berlin in North America, Galactic Civilizations II in Europe and the worldwide release of Combat Mission: Shock Force.

The latest release from the experienced development team, Europa Universalis III, has won numerous awards worldwide. Visit http://www.paradoxplaza.com/ for more information.

About Pollux Gamelabs

Pollux Gamelabs develops computer games for the global market. Using proprietary technologies combined with Microsoft XNA, Pollux Gamelabs´ products are aimed for PC and Xbox360. Pollux Gamelabs´ developer network includes high profile technology companies such as Microsoft, Autodesk, 3D Connection as well as a long list of universities and art schools.

The company is currently in the production phase of Lost Empire: Immortals, a 4x turn based strategy game, developed in Microsoft.Net Technology and DirectX. Visit http://www.polluxgamelabs.com/


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