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PandaMania: Legend of the Fu Manchu

Find Fu Manchu before it's too late.

Colorado Springs, Colorado – April 30, 2010 – FizzPow Games, an independent development studio creating innovative games for the Apple® iPhone™ and iPod® touch, has announced today the release of the LITE version of PandaMania, the critically-acclaimed bow defense App for the Apple iPhone and iPod touch, jam packed with ten levels demonstrating the one-of-a-kind story, gameplay and art direction…all for free!

“Given the initial success of PandaMania, we thought we would invite new players to try the first ten levels for free by offering a LITE version,” said Michael Stockwell, founder of FizzPow games. “Compared to other LITE apps, there’s a great deal of content here. For anyone that enjoys a good bow defense challenge, PandaMania LITE is a no-brainer.”

What the critics are saying about PandaMania:

“I can confidently say that PandaMania has become one of my favorite defense genre games, matching the high standards set by games such as Plants Vs Zombies and ZombieSmash…I highly recommend checking out PandaMania which is a steal at its current price.” – AppAddict (5/5) “I'm here to tell you that PandaMania is worth the price and I can't see how anyone would feel cheated in the slightest. Even once you finish a level you'll find yourself going back to try and get a higher score and it's part of OpenFeint for those interested in that kind of thing.” – GamersTemple (95/100) “PandaMania – Bow Defense is an enjoyable iPhone game that is as easy to learn how to play as making a peanut butter sandwich. There are 50 levels, interesting enemies, different boss fights, upgrades and the game is OpenFeint enabled.” – CrazyMikesApps (4.5/5)

Setting out with only your trusty bow and arrows at your side, you must thwart the evil-doers who stole your source of power, your epic Fu Manchu mustache, and restore balance to the world. Throughout the lands of PandaMania, you will be challenged by evil bosses while you fight to free all the villages taken captive by the hordes of bandits. Upgrade your arrows, shooting ability and tower, and with each level conquered you move one step closer to regaining your Fu Manchu and becoming the bravest warrior in all the land!

Some of the features in PandaMania LITE are:

Intense arcade-style tower defense action Progressive storyline filled with hilarious comic graphics Ten levels spanning a diverse land with a creative boss battle, challenging you to find the enemy’s weakness in order to achieve victory! Numerous upgrades will keep you and your bow one step ahead of the advancing hordes

About FizzPow Games:

FizzPow Games, based in Colorado Springs, Colorado, was founded in the spring of 2009 by Michael Stockwell. The development and design teams focus primarily on creating new and innovative games for the Apple® iPhone™ and iPod touch. FizzPow’s mission is to create great casual games for people of all ages and hopes to expand to other gaming systems in the near future.

FizzPow Games Media Contact:

Kimberly Poggetti

Reverb Communications

(209) 586-1495 ex. 114


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