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Developer Wolfire Games launches a developer diary over at Gamers Daily News.

Gamers Daily News Media International ( http://www.gamersdailynews.com) proudly announces the launch of the Wolfire Games ( http://www.wolfire.com) Developer Diary for their current project Overgrowth, a 3d action-adventure game for Mac, Windows, and Linux.

Starting Wednesday January 14, 2009, Gamers Daily News will host a weekly Developer Diary entry from Wolfire Games. Each week readers will gain insight into the development process and be able to follow the game’s progress as Wolfire Games works toward releasing the title. “We’re extremely pleased that Wolfire Games has agreed to cooperate with GDN,” said Gamers Daily News Editor-in-Chief, Christophor Rick, “the game is starting to take shape and we at GDN wanted to be there to watch it grow.”  John Graham, member of the wolfire team commented "We're very glad to be working with Gamers Daily News. Not only does this developer diary project coincide with our goal to be as open with fans as possible about Overgrowth's development process, but as a small indie company, we also need as much publicity as we can get."

The first entry in the Overgrowth diary starts from the ground up and talks about laying the foundation:

"Software development is often least painful when you start with a simple base case and then carefully add discreet layers of complexity to it. Wolfire has been following this principle for the production of its new game Overgrowth by focusing on terrain first."

You can read the full developer diary entry at http://www.gamersdailynews.com/blog-13-Overgrowth-Developer-Diary-1.html

Gamers Daily News will also be hosting several other Developer Diaries in the near future as part of the Developer’s Corner initiative. “Giving voice to independent game makers is very important to us at GDN,” said CEO Wade Hinkle, “we hope that by hosting the developer diaries we can promote independent game development, raise awareness of their projects and support the industry in general.” 

About Wolfire Games ( http://www.wolfire.com)

Wolfire's five man development team is led by David Rosen who single-handedly created the hit games Lightning’s Shadow, Black Shades and GLFighters as well as Wolfire's first commercial release: Lugaru: The Rabbit’s Foot. Their latest project, Overgrowth is the sequel to Lugaru.  While Overgrowth will inherit Lugaru's tried and true 3D fighting system, it will be benefitting from every new cutting edge feature that Wolfire's brand new Phoenix Engine has to offer. 

About Gamers Daily News ( http://www.gamersdailynews.com)

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