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Outsource Media gets L.A. exclusive

Videogame voice production specialist Outsource Media has signed an exclusive deal with LA Studios, the largest independent group of audio facilities in the United States, granting Outsource use of its facilities on the west coast of America.

LA Studios has worked on Hollywood projects for Disney (Jungle Book 2, Return to Neverland) and Dreamworks (Shrek, Ice Age, Prince of Egypt, Antz) and now seems keen to extend its operations into the videogames arena through its partnership with UK-based Outsource.

"This is the perfect arrangement for us," according to Outsource Media managing director Mark Estdale. "It is the culmination of 18 months work to bring the best in Hollywood into the heart of the UK games industry.

"With movie licences, increasing capacity for voice and a more discerning public there is a clear need for a world class service that provides easy access to the best facilities and talent in Hollywood, and this partnership gives just that."

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