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OSA Kit professional delivers your game online

Game developers... convert your game to a web game now!


Egypt, February 3, 2007

Release your game (virtually any Win32 EXE including 3D games) on the desktop and via the browser. Increase the impact in terms of distribution and exposure for your game on the Net! Allow potential buyers to really try before they buy. OSA Kit will help you pass to it your game URL and forget all about it. OSA Kit will run the game inside the users browser (IE, Firefox, Opera...etc) just as if it were originally developed using Java or Flash!

If you are searching for a tool to convert your game into JAVA, Flash or a way to port/convert your game to be playable online then look no further!. With OSA Kit Pro you can realize your dreams as it will help turn your games into online media as easy as copying and pasting a few lines of HTML code into your web page. OSA Kit Pro is a multi browser solution to turn your game or app into a web application as if it was written in Flash or Java without rewriting it from scratch. minimal code change or No code change at all is required to get it work. OSA Kit Pro is working perfectly with IE, Firefox, Opera, Mozilla, SeaMonkey... and all other compatible browsers.

The OSA Kit will help you increase your sales by :

1. Making it easy and fuss free for your customer to play your game.

2. Customers prefer the 'play online' to 'download/install/play' methods, It's only one click away!

3. It's highly possible that the customer will order your game after they have played.

The OSA Kit will decrease your expenses, save time and effort because :

1. You don't need to learn Flash or Java.

2. You don't need to hire someone to port your game to Flash or Java.

3. Will save your bandwidth because it will only download your game once. Any further revisits to your site to play your game, there is no need for the visitor to download it again! Instead it will play from their cache or pre-downloaded file as long as it is the exact same file as contained within your site. It compares between the two files and if they are different it will download the updated file.

Please read more info here http://www.osakit.com

Also you can try and see OSA Kit in action (some online apps/games sample) here http://www.osakit.com/inaction.html

Try OSA Kit Professional by downloading from here:


About Ancientsoft :

Ancientsoft is an independent software developer based in El-Mahmoudia, Alexandria, Egypt. The company was established in 2001. We are developing simple, yet fun and creative games that suit all ages.


Maher F. Farag


Phone : +2 (010) 1064497




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