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Orkut OpenSocial

Estonian loving their Texas Hold'em, apparently.

API platforms seem to be an excellent place for games developer to spread their brand. With relatively small cost they can reach a huge target audience. Recently Game Desire Poker Texas Hold’em has been added to Orkut OpenSocial. The results are pretty interesting.

Right after adding the application players are given 20 000 game chips (kind of virtual currency) and can win more by playing. They can pick their own table, including specialty tables, or let the “Find me a Seat” feature do it for them. Activity streams makes the application visible to all players’ friends.

It is available in 36 languages but majority of visitors (over 50 thousand during the first month) come from Estonia – almost 5 times more than from Brazil .This is interesting since Estonia is, according to Google Trends, the fifth most populous nationality on Orkut. Poker Texas Hold’em is now on the very top of applications list, in search results for Estonian version of Orkut. Does it mean that poker is Estonian national card game?

The game is dedicated for beginners but also for advanced players and offers them features such as tournaments, tournament rankings and different kind of achievements. A new game Wordplay is coming to Orkut soon. We are excited to find out what other nations will like this game.

For more info please contact:

Lidia Janoszka


Tel. +48 12 412 69 29/29

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