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Orbital Defence

Flick-based shooter available for $0.99 this weekend.

Sydney, Australia – December 10, 2009 – To celebrate the launch of its flick-based shoot-'em-up (flick-'em-up) for the iPhone and iPod Touch, Orbital Defence, membraine studios announces a special weekend sale price for the game of $US0.99, available immediately.

Orbital Defence is an arcade shoot-'em-up inspired by greats like Galaga and Missile Command. What makes Orbital Defence unique is its flick-based control system, which makes for a highly playable and great fun shoot 'em up.

"This is definitely one of the best games of this kind of game I've ever played! It's well thought out, has really clean graphics and is just plain fun!"

     — game reviewer Tyler Flowers

"A fun and unique take on the usual shooter/defense game."

     — iTunes user "shaken not stirred"

"Heaps of fun. Sharp, crisp graphics, and unique controls. My best purchase so far, can't put it down."

     — iTunes user ihass

With both a 12-level Campaign mode that rewards accuracy and a Survival mode that challlenges you to survive as long as you can, Orbital Defence offers great gameplay depth and shows that the iPhone can be a serious gaming device, not just a casual gaming experience.

The special sale price of US$0.99 will be valid until at least 11:59pm Sunday (PST), after which time the game will return to its usual $US1.99 price point.

For more information about Orbital Defence, visit http://www.membrainestudios.com/games/orbital-defence

About membraine studios

membraine studios is a small team that strives to play to the strengths of its target platforms (be they iPhone, Xbox, Wii or PC) in order to deliver great gameplay and elegant design.

The team prides itself on its ability to innovate, from putting a new spin on an old genre to creating new ones.

You can follow membraine studios on twitter (membraine_ftw) at http://twitter.com/membraine_ftw

Footage of membraine studios games can be seen on its YouTube channel at http://www.youtube.com/membrainestudios

You will find the Oribtal Defence Facebook application at http://apps.facebook.com/orbital_defence


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