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Worlds Apart acquires exclusive license for IGF Finalist Star Chamber

DENVER CO. February 10, 2005. Worlds Apart Productions, LLC and Nayantara Studios LLC announced today that Worlds Apart has acquired an exclusive license to administer, distribute and continue development of Star Chamber, Nayantara's critically acclaimed online trading card game. Worlds Apart has also hired Paul Dennen, Star Chamber's creator, as a designer and developer, both for ongoing Star Chamber expansion, and for new original content and titles.

"This is a perfect match for Worlds Apart. We've got a very modular, feature-rich and cost-effective digital-property infrastructure, and we're eager to continue to develop quality products," said Scott Martins, president of Worlds Apart Productions. "Paul is a veteran of the Online TCG world with design and development experience spanning Digital Addiction, EA.com and Nayantara, and he brings with him Star Chamber, one of the best computer strategy games out there. With overwhelmingly positive reviews, including a perfect 10 for gameplay from Gamespot, Star Chamber has a huge amount of potential that we plan to realize with this collaboration."

Star Chamber has been selected as a finalist in the 2005 Independent Games Festival Competition.

Dennen was also enthusiastic about the transition. "While my focus has been on making Star Chamber a great game, Worlds Apart has built powerful, cross-platform core technology to implement The Lord of the Rings Online Trading Card Game," Dennen said. "By porting Star Chamber to their technology base, the game's feature set will improve dramatically in a short period of time."

Star Chamber is a hybrid turn-based strategy board game/TCG set in a sci-fi universe where members of the Galactic Republic struggle for power. Players deploy a mixture of military, political, and cultural assets, and attempt to achieve one of the game's innovative multiple victory conditions.

Star Chamber can be played for free with sample decks, and is available for download at www.starchamber.net. The web site offers a comprehensive guide for new players, strategy tips and articles, a calendar of events, forums, and web-based trading.

About Worlds Apart

Founded in 1996, Denver-based Worlds Apart Productions, LLC has nearly a decade of experience in developing and operating multiplayer online games, specializing in online RPGs and games featuring digital properties. In 2004, the company launched the online version of the best-selling The Lord Of The Rings Trading Card Game and continues to support the game with daily events and special online-only content. It also currently operates the Star Trek Online Customizable Card Game as well as the critically acclaimed online RPGs The Eternal City and Grendel's Revenge.

Contact: Scott Martins



About Nayantara

Founded in 2002, Nayantara Studios LLC is an independent game development company whose mission is to create high-quality strategy games.

Contact: Paul Dennen




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