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On your meks…..

It wasn't long ago that the ancient texts on how to tame mektoubs for riding came to light, and now they are available for the general Homin population. As a result of this progress, lady Kibs volunteered to host the first official Atys mount races in the lands of Majestic Garden, Matis.

Thirteen brave Homins and their mounts took part, starting in Yrkanis and engaging to visit a series of five set checkpoints in any order on the way. At each of these checkpoints the Homins were given a clue by a marshal. These clues all pointed to a mysterious keyword which had to be deduced from the lore of Atys, and the correct answer given to Kibs at the end of the course in Yrkanis.

The first Homin successfully to complete the race with the correct answer was Sir Zcorpion on his mount EvoX, closely followed by Lady Kiyara on Dasher and Sir Theron on Kor. Zcorpion took away the prize of 200k dappers and the honour of being the first Homin to win a mounted race in Atys.

More Mek races to follow!!!


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