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Office Massacre – Phone Fun and Murder !

For immediate release.

Tuesday the 14th March 2006

Alten8 is please to announce that in conjunction with Zen Creations, it has exclusive worldwide distribution rights to the new game - Office Massacre. Alten8 is porting it to a wide range of phones and potentially other handheld platforms also. Release date April 2006.

The first in a series of new announcements on worldwide exclusive games, signed up to Alten8, Office Massacre, has all the ingredients to be a cult, dark humoured, tongue in cheek cartoon phone game.

With fictional violence and killing, this cartoon killing spree, will have you playing on your phone, as you turn Monday in the office into a not so ordinary day !! For anyone who has ever had a bad day at work, play this game on your way home on the bus or train, and take away that office strain !!

Playable with one finger on the buttons of your phone, it is a simple but addictive game, which will have you coming back time and time again, and will be available on a range of around 140 phones.

With various levels, you have to shoot your way through the other workers and policemen, to get to the upper office levels where you will face the big boss. Cartoon characters with oversized heads, make it clear this is not for real, but just a game.

We have rated it an 18+ game, but its only a cartoon.....honest..

Alten8 is committed to a long term plan of expansion, in both its role of content developer, publisher and distributor. Working with both new, and established authors and companies, it welcomes all interested parties to contact it.

About Alten8 Limited

Set up at the start of 2005, Alten8 Limited hopes to become a new force in development, publishing and distribution of games and other content, across a range of formats. Both licensing older titles under its retro-soft brand, and all new titles and content under the Alten8 label . Alten8 hopes to become the first port of call for new talent looking for a more flexible way of working. With releases on PPC, Phone, Win32 and other handheld devices available currently, and PC, PS2, GBA etc. throughout 2006.


Paul Andrews - info@alten8.com




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