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Online rhythm action game where you must use music to save the galaxy.

Name of Game: O2jam

Website: http://o2jam.nopp.co.kr

Genre: Rhythm Action Game

Supporting Platform: H/W - PC

Minimum Requirements

CPU Pentium 3 (1.0 GHz or higher)

VGA Geforce 4 MAX 440 or better

RAM 128 Mb

Recommended Requirements

CPU Pentium 4 (1.5GHZ or higher)

VGA Geforce4 5700/Redeon 9000

RAM 512 Mb

Game Synopsis

In Muracle galaxy, a galaxy formed with 10 planets including O2 Planet, the music-loving residences were having happy moments. But as the unwelcomed neighbors from Zuracle galaxy started to spread the unknown organism called 'Ohm', an ominous atmosphere starts to prevail...

There is only one way to save the residences of the Muracle Galaxy who are suffering under languidness because of 'Ohm': Increasing oxygen level by performing passionately with the oxygen-creating robot from O2 planet, O2mo!

Shall we start the performance of the musical warriors to save the Muracle Galaxy? Let's play!

Main features of the game

- O2jam is the world's first online rhythm action game, the first to embody the online music game.

-O2jam is for Everyone, meaning anyone can enjoy.

- O2jam is good for relieving stress, since the users can have fun by playing the music and feel the beat through tapping keyboard.

- Gold-label includes the best songs, Blue-label is made up with popular songs, Black label lets the users to feel the strong beat, Silver label supports various genres including traditional classics- approximately 400 songs are currently under service, categorized based on individuals' preferences.

- O2jam is the first online rhythm action game that supports 3-key mode (shift+enter+shift), which makes it to be the leader of popularization of rhythm action games.

Current status of O2jam's Oversea services

-A contract about export to Philippine has been made in 2009 January (Launching is planned for 2009 April).

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