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Nvidia talks up Windows 7

Graphics card company expects "many graphical improvements" from new OS

Graphics card manufacturer Nvidia, which has been working with Microsoft for the past two year on support for its products in Windows 7, has released new drivers for the beta, announcing an expectation that the new operating system will bring "many graphical improvements" over previous platforms.

The new drivers for GeForce cards - release 181.71 - will apparently offer "increased performance and reliability in both 2D and 3D applications" for users on the Windows 7 beta.

"Since its release last month, the Windows 7 Beta has been eagerly tested by hundreds of thousands of Nvidia GeForce owners, who are excited about the many graphical improvements Microsoft has added into the upcoming operating system," said Ujesh Desai, VP of GeForce desktop business at Nvidia.

And VP of software engineering, Dwight Diercks, added: "We expect that all of our hard work teaming with Microsoft over the past two years will pay off for GeForce GPU owners when Windows 7 officially launches. Our customers are demanding an experience that is faster and more visual, and with the addition of many new GPU-accelerated features, including DirectX Compute, we believe Windows 7 will be well positioned to meet those needs."

Microsoft's EMEA VP for the Interactive Entertainment Business, Chris Lewis, recently told GamesIndustry.biz that the new operating system would be "great for games" although remained coy on specific details.

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