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Nowhere Else and Beyond

Browser-based MMORPG celebrates fourth anniversary.

Website: http://www.nowhere-else.org

Screenshots: http://www.nowhere-else.org/rpg/index.php?ACTION=SCREENSHOTS

Nowhere Else and Beyond (NEaB) is a unique web game in many ways. The first difference you will see is that it doesn’t require the traditional account creation. You just click “Start new adventure” and after agreeing to the rules, you are directly transported into the game. Now how do you choose your username and password? Simple: talk to the first NPC and answer his questions. After this, you will have a little (optional but important) introduction quest to train you on the different main activities in the game.

NEaB is also unique in the fact that most of the game is played on a unique 2D interactive map. The map (coded in Javascript which means runs basically every where, without the need of any plugin), is extremely fast, and let you interact directly with other players, see them, and chat/trade more directly.

But what is NEaB? NEaB is a medieval fantasy game, where most of the quests are written by the players themselves. There are quite a few “official” quests on the main island, but there are lots more (more than

400) quests written by the players. Virtually everybody is allowed to claim a new part of the realm and write his own stories / quests, draw his own maps and even customize his own monsters.

Without counting the quests, NEaB offers a rich virtual world, with tons of activities to do, from fishing to collecting and playing cards online and in real-time with other players. Some activities can be repeated every day, like the mythical “Daily Dungeon” or may be done only once per year like for example the holidays quests.

NEaB also is a constantly evolving game, which has been developed since Jan 2005 and is public since March 2005. Some players still play since the beginning, which means you will certainly find something to do and this for some time.

Main features include (but are not limited to):

Full multi player RPG On map, locations or standalone chat Private online and offline messages Online / offline PvP fights (in the arena) Player managed markets Multiple non linear quests High quality inventory system Graphical interactive 2D map (like other normal top view RPG) Progressive monster difficulty (as your level up, harder and new monsters appears) Player managed islands (create your quests, NPC, locations and much more) A special pet system which let you talk in with your own words to your pets. Unique collectible cards and unique simple to play card game (PvP). Unique strategic multi-player combat systems In game casino (slot machine, roulette, and card game) Alchemy and cooking potions and other Crafting object Fixed and random map (depending of the location) Medals to reward players Automatic player journal Player managed, fully designed and owned dungeons Player designed objects (stats and description) Thieves and pickpockets actions can be performed Player clans (let share objects for example) 40 Mb of free webspace (no banners)

Alain Bertrand

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