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Not "Kickin Yo Ass" on Xbox Live

September 27th 2004, London, United Kingdom: After the press release on Friday of last week, all of us here at Game Guru were excited and rearing to go tonight at 6pm on Xbox Live!

Flashback to Saturday night around 11.45pm in Gravesend and Gareth Williams, Producer of Game Guru is walking home. Think a man in a car and a gun, and shortly afterwards Gareth was ok, but minus his laptop, wallet and the Xbox Live Accounts for Game Guru.

A shaken, but still keeping it real Gareth had this to say:

"We're really unhappy about not being able to provide this service today, as we were all really up for some ass kicking, however we've had top put the start date back till Friday, when we can smuggle our Xbox into London and get a couple more Xbox Live accounts."

So, in other words, look forward to Friday, where we may just have enough time to get some celebrity guest on board, and make it an even better opening night than planned!

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