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They don't make press releases like this any more.

Glendale, CA – April 28, 2009 – Ignition Entertainment Ltd., a UTV Enterprise, a worldwide publisher and developer of videogames, and Tecmo, in conjunction with Matrix Software and Red Entertainment, invite gamers to takeoff on a nostalgic journey through time and space with Nostalgia for Nintendo DS™ - launching September 2009. Set in an alternate-reality version of 19th-century Earth, Nostalgia casts you as Eddie, a headstrong Londoner who amasses a group of memorable companions to traverse the world in his steampunk-inspired zeppelin. As you navigate the open skies, you’ll explore mysterious foreign locales, slay all manner of fantastical enemies, complete a variety of thrilling quests, and ultimately, save the world from unfathomable evil.

Developed by Matrix Software (Dragon Quest V PS2, Final Fantasy III-IV DS), in association with Red Entertainment (Gungrave, Bonk, Thousand Arms), Nostalgia brings together a powerful think-tank of old-school Japanese RPG development talent to present a stunning new vision in gaming. Produced by Keisuke Kikuchi (Fatal Frame, Tokobot) and directed by Naoki Morita (Sakura Taisen), with art direction by Yoshiteru Tsujino (Far East of Eden), airship design by Takuhito Kusanagi (Grandia, Blue Submarine No.6, Samurai 7), and enemy design by Keita Amemiya (Iria- Zeiram the Animation, Kamen Rider), Tecmo has amassed an all-star dream team of industry veterans to forge a brand new DS adventure that hearkens back to the classic glory days of Japanese role-playing games.

According to Nostalgia producer, Keisuke Kikuchi, “I knew this game had such potential when I saw Mr. Morita’s project book. It is an adventure game set in another Earth, offering an enjoyable story that involves various different cultures in many diverse locations. The key element that brings the game together is the airship, the conveyance which fits its game system and world-view. I wanted to make this idea into a product for everyone to play.”

“We feel deeply honored for the opportunity to bring Tecmo’s esteemed Japanese Nintendo DS role-playing game “Nostalgeo no Kaze” to an entirely new audience as Nostalgia,” said Shane Bettenhausen, New Business Development Director of Ignition Entertainment. “Amid a sea of remakes and rehashes, this endearing adventure blazes its own unique path with deeply engrossing gameplay systems, but it also hearkens back to the classic RPGs of yesteryear with its unforgettable characters and universal narrative themes.”

Key Game Features:

• Ambitious, fully 3D polygonal graphical engine offers dramatic, sweeping camera angles and impressive vistas rarely seen in a DS title.

• Cohesive, anime-inspired art direction that effectively captures the game’s turn-of-the-century charm.

• Travel to incredibly unique, non-traditional RPG locales via airship including London, New York, Cairo, Africa, and Russia.

• Features two distinct combat engines: One is a brisk, turn-based close-quarters melee between your party members and monsters; while the other offers thrilling, large-scale airship battles. In addition, your battle skills are scored at the conclusion of each conflict, inspiring strategic mastery.

• Handy in-game notebook feature keeps track of people, monsters, airships and items you've run across.

• Plenty of user-defined customization, allowing the player to trick out his or her airship with various weapons, armor types, and special skill attacks. The player can also choose character-specific skills from a branching tree for a more personalized experience.

• Explore a variety of diverse, engaging dungeons that include brain bending puzzles and tricky Indiana Jones-style traps.

• Optional quest system inspires players to approach the adventure from a less linear perspective, extending the life of the gameplay experience.

For more information, visit www.nostalgiads.com

For assets including fact sheets, screens and artwork please contact Susan Hale, Executive Director of Public Relations at Ignition Entertainment via email susan@ignitionusa.com or by phone (818) 502-5387.


Ignition Entertainment Limited is a UTV Media Communication company. Ignition was created by a core team of gaming industry veterans with the purpose of building upon their successful track record to develop and publish within the international games industry. You can find more information about Ignition Entertainment Ltd. At www.ignitionusa.com


UTV Software Communications Ltd. is India’s foremost Media & Entertainment Company with leadership position in four Verticals that includes Motion Pictures, Broadcasting, TV Content and Interactive (i.e. Animation and Gaming). Listed on the Mumbai Stock Exchange with the Motion Pictures business listed on the AIM, London Stock Exchange. Walt Disney Inc. holds a strategic stake in UTV. It has subsidiaries with offices across India, the UK and USA. More information on the group is available at www.utvnet.com


Tecmo is a global developer and publisher of interactive entertainment software. Tecmo has been entertaining gamers since 1967 and has created some of the best arcade and videogames available.Tecmo portfolio includes the world famous videogame franchises “Dead or Alive”, “Ninja Gaiden”, “Tecmo Bowl”and others. Games have been made for all platforms including handheld game system as well as PC.

You can find more information about Tecmo at http://www.tecmo.co.jp/

and http://www.tecmogames.com/


Red Entertainment is a leader of game planning, focusing on characters, world view and gameplay. Based on our expertise on planning, producing and coordination, we aim to develop our business and to provide customers all over the world with surprises and excitement by creating games of different media/ genres."Sakura Taisen" and "Gungrave" are the most widely known titles.

You can find more information about RED at http://red-entertainment.co.jp/


Matrix is a developer of interactive entertainment software with a company motto "Create and develop interesting contentsernestly and in unison."Since 1994, starting with the Sony PlayStation, Matrix has developed many games for platforms including the PlayStation Portable, Nintendo DS, and the latest home entertainment systems. Software has also been developed for mobile phones and various fields other than game platforms. For more information about Matrix, access http://www.matrixsoft.co.jp/

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