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Successfully launched on the NeoFun portal with gift-giveaway events to celebrate.

Seoul, Korea – April 17, 2009 – Lizard Interactive announced successful launching of NosTale through its global free games portal NeoFun ( www.neofun.com). NosTale has prepared special events to celebrate the success available only to NeoFun members.

From April 16 to May 6, 2009, NeoFun-NosTale players can enjoy and participate in special events giving away tons of fabulous gifts. First, players are given Big HP Potion x10 or Big MP Potion x10 everyday during the event period. At level 20, Fancy Costume will be given for free and a Mysterious Boxe at level 40. That’s not all, players with 40 or higher level characters are eligible to a draw giving away Samurai Bushtails (brand new pet), Best Bushtail Treasure Boxes and 5,000 Noscash.

Nostale is a tale about the adventures of the Nomads of the Silver Spirit. It is free-to-play with a variety of things for players to do such as chat, quest, train, party, set up shops, go on raids and many other activities. Players start off as Adventurers and then branch off into one of three classes – Swordsman, Archer or Sorcerer. The quest system in NosTale has a story line and is divided into acts. Players can have companions in the game, a pet and Nosmate (NPC) which are also able to attack and defend. There are many raid maps and up to 15 players may take part in raids. There are also Mini Lands that players may decorate and entertain guests. Four types of mini-games may be played in these Mini Lands. In addition, NosTale offers several varieties of Player versus Player combat including dueling and fight arenas.

With well established fan bases around the world in all the major countries, NosTale’s global server is certain to be a favorite destination for all gamers. For free download, please visit the global game portal - www.neofun.com.

Press Info: Tae Sun An

                 Business Development

                 E-mail: tsan@lizardinteractive.com

About Lizard Interactive Co., Ltd.

Lizard Interactive Co., Ltd., established in 1996, is a leading game software developer based in Korea. Lizard Interactive has won numerous government awards for contributions to the game industry, the most recent for innovation in game software development. MMORPG titles include the globally popular ‘croNous’ ( cronous.neofun.com) and ‘Sho Online’ ( shoonline.neofun.com) and casual MMO ‘FunFun’ ( funfun.neofun.com). Recent addition is the classic MMORPG Land of Magic ( lom.neofun.com) which will undergo closed beta test on February 26, 2009. All these fun and exciting games can be found at the free global games portal, NeoFun ( www.neofun.com). The creative progress is always ongoing at Lizard Interactive.

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