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North Carolina senate debates violent games bill

Yet another US state has opened the debate on whether legislation should be put in place to prevent the sale of violent or obscene games to minors, with the state Senate of North Carolina considering a bill on the subject.

The Senate Commerce Committee has debated the bill already, but chose not to take a vote on the matter. It's expected that it will be returned in front of the house in the near future.

Like its counterparts in many other US states - most of which have failed to pass votes, have been ruled unconstitutional or have ended up being watered down into near non-existence - the bill would forbid the sale to minors of games that are considered inappropriate for them, due to graphic violent or explicit content.

However, opponents of the bill point out that completely aside from the obvious constitutional challenges it will face, it is also too broadly worded and could forbid the sale of many games which are generally considered perfectly fine for children, such as the Lord of the Rings titles.

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