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Nordic Game at GDC

Twenty-six companies from Northern climes headed to San Francisco.

(Copenhagen, Denmark.) February 27, 2009 – Each spring, the Game Developers Conference (GDC) presents a unique opportunity for U.S. industry executives and journalists to meet game developers from the Nordic countries. The region has been a major player on the gaming scene since the industry’s beginning; their collective appearance at the 2009 conference, to be held once again at San Francisco’s Moscone Convention Center, will reaffirm the Nordic game community’s breadth and depth.

From March 23-27, twenty-six Nordic game companies will occupy Booth #5206 in the North Hall of the Moscone Convention Center.

The Nordic region’s GDC li! ne-up this spring includes:

The Game Incubator (Sweden)

The Game Incubator creates rapid growth by helping talented developers to start up companies, develop games and publish them. In less than two years the companies in our environment have released five titles. They have also produced games for other companies on work for hire basis.

Hansoft (Sweden)

Hansoft is an integrated solution for collaborative scheduling, Agile, bug tracking, workload coordination, and document management, used by developers in over 20 countries. The tool is fast and easy and builds on principles of team empowerment, increased communication, transparency, and collaboration.

Housemarque (Finland)

Housemarque is currently developing new products based on new IP's for PSN and XBLA. The company goal is to create thrilling and enjoyable high quality games filled with great gameplay.

Iluminate Labs (Sweden)

Illuminate Labs’ lighting solutions, based on the proprietary LiquidLight technology, are used in many of the most exciting game titles like Gran Turismo, Killzone 2 and Mirror’s Edge.

Ludosity Interactive (Sweden)

Ludosity Interactive will bring their third game M.I.F.O. to GDC this year, showcasing it to both consumers and publishers. M.I.F.O. is a fun and quirky physics-based puzzle and adventure game where you control an UFO, trying to find your way back home. The game focus heavily on content creating and sharing with built in editors and content browser.

Mine Studios (Finland)

Mine Studios is a game company that also provides incubator and game development services. The company is currently seeking partners for new game projects and game

development services, talents to run workshops in various areas of game production and is also off! ering subcontracting in following areas: modeling, texturing, animation, mocap and concept art.

Neogames (Finland)

Neogames is Finnish National centre of game business, reserach and education. Neogames is a membership based organization and it has various activities related game industry development.

Pieces Interactive (Sweden)

Pieces Interactive has previously developed Puzzlegeddon, a game which saw a simultaneous release on multiple digital platforms in 2008 and has received consistently great reviews. Pieces is now attending GDC to present new exciting projects and meet future publishing- and distribution partners.

Lockpick (Sweden)

Lockpick is looking for more partners (Current partners: Aeria Games for English servers in North America, Gamigo for Germany and Akella for Russia) to host localized versions of the MMORTS Dreamlords the Reawakening. In addition Lockpick is look! ing for distributors for a boxed version with added value for Europe.

Shortfuse (Sweden)

Shortfuse released their first commercial title Colosseum on November 19th 2008 to Xbox LIVE Community Games. They are now working on three new titles; Alive & Undead, Island Wars, and Colosseum 2. During GDC, Shortfuse will demo first playable versions of Alive & Undead as well as Island Wars and present the business cases.

TeliaSonera International Carrier (Sweden)

TeliaSonera International Carrier offers the international online gaming community a variety of high-quality infrastructure services. Publishers, developers and online gaming service providers use the services to give online gamers around the world the perfect gaming experience.

Other Nordic developers represented will include Agenius Interactive, Bugbear Entertainment Ltd., ColorCode 3-D Center, Donya Labs, EPOS Game Studios, GamePort/Black! Drop Studios, University of Gotland, Greater Helsinki Promotion Ltd., Mahtava Development Ltd., Nordiska spelportalen, Redikod, Sauma Technologies Ltd., Tempo Music Design, Walkthru and Zoink Entertainment.

The group exhibition in the GDC Expo is a project of the Nordic Game Program ( http://www.nordicgameprogram.org), which will also be represented in the booth. The Nordic Game Program is funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers.

Fans, competitors, and industry watchers will be able to check out the Nordic region’s wares on the exhibition floor between 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. on both Wednesday, March 25 and Thursday, March 26. Exhibition hours will be shorter on Friday, March 27, running from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

For more information on the 2009 Game Developers Conference, visit http://www.gdconf.com.

To schedule an appointment to visit the Nordic Game booth and to arrange interviews with parti! cular companies and executives, please contact Jacob Riis of Nordic Game Program at (+45) 2360 9422 or jacob@nordicgame.com.

About the Nordic Game Program ( http://www.nordicgameprogram.org)

The mission of the Nordic Game Program is to ensure that young people have access to quality computer games that are distinctly Nordic. Motivated by the conviction that game developers of the Nordic region are best suited to create such entertainment, the Nordic Ministers for Culture launched the Nordic Game Program in 2006.

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