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Nordic Game at GC

Panoply of Nordic developers and publishers headed for Leipzig.

Nordic Game will once again be participating in Europe’s largest games event, Games Convention in Leipzig, Germany on 20-24 August.

For the third year in a row the Nordic Game booth will be in place at the GC Business Center in the Leipzig Messe, showcasing thirteen promising but very different Nordic game companies and organisations, and once again exemplifying the diversity of the ever-growing Nordic games industry.

The Nordic Game booth presents the following Nordic companies and organisations:


Country: Denmark

An experienced and independent Danish game development studio that strive to create innovative and outstanding games for the global entertainment market.


Country: Finland

The world's number ! one maker of benchmarks gets into the game with a visually stunning, highly innovative multiplayer online game.

The Game Incubator

Country: Sweden

The Game Incubator is a part of the Gothia Science Park in Skövde, Sweden. Their business development process and studios are built for game development.


Guppyworks is the game developer of the online community game GuppyLife and story based adventure games. Focus on nonviolent gameplay, immersive environments and innovative exciting characters with behavior simulated by their proprietary AI.


Country: Sweden

Hansoft is a fast and easy production management tool for collaborative scheduling, tracking, Agile, QA / bug tracking, workload, portfolio and document management.


Country: Sweden

HaptX is a state of the art Haptics Engine enabling gamers to physically exp! erience the game play through the award-winning Novint Falcon.

Housemarque Oy

Housemarque is a leading developer of DLC console games and we currently develop games for DLC platforms such as PSN (Playstation3 & PSP) and XBLA (Xbox 360).

Nordic Softsales AB

Country: Sweden

Nordic Softsales is one of the leading publishers of children’s games for the PC market in Scandinavia with its own in-house development and localisation services.

PAN Vision AB

Country: Sweden

The largest publisher in Nordic territories, focusing on kids and family games. Looking for licensing opportunities but also showing new licensed IP Angel Cat Sugar, available for PC and DS in Europe spring 2009.

Pixolane Ltd

Country: Finland

Pixolane is a Finnish company dedicated to game development, currently developing for the Sony PS3 platform and doing contract wo! rk for other companies.

Press Play

Country: Denmark

Press Play is a talented Copenhagen based game studio, developing addictive short session video games for PC, web and consoles.

RedLynx Ltd.

Country: Finland

RedLynx Ltd. develops and produces interactive entertainment including games, new chatting solutions and interactive TV, sold in Europe, South America and Asia.

Unity 3D

Country: Denmark

Unity provides console quality game experiences inside the browser, as well as top of the line tools to build multiplatform content for Web, PC, Mac, Nintendo Wii, and the iPhone.

The group exhibition in the Nordic Game booth is a project of the Nordic Game Program ( http://www.nordicgameprogram.org/), which also will occupy space in the booth.

To schedule an appointment to visit the Nordic Game booth and to arrange interviews with particular companies and exe! cutives, please contact Communication Manager Jacob Riis at (+45) 2360 9422 or jacob@nordicgame.com.

The Nordic Game booth is located in the GC Developers' Village, Hall 2, #F20, and will be open from 9:00 to 17:00 daily, from Wednesday 20 August until Friday 23 August.

About the Nordic Game Program ( http://www.nordicgameprogram.org/)

The mission of the Nordic Game Program is to ensure that young people have access to quality computer games that are distinctly Nordic. Motivated by the conviction that game developers of the Nordic region are best suited to create such entertainment, the Nordic Ministers for Culture launched the Nordic Game Program in 2006.

For more information on GCDC 2008 Game Developers Conference, visit http://www.gc-germany.com.

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