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Nokia promises 'three-pronged attack' in '07

New technology, games and community all key to next-gen launch

It may have been quietly developing content and technology for its next-generation of mobile phones throughout 2006, but Nokia is promising to return to the forefront of mobile gaming in 2007.

The mobile firm's games division has been working hard behind the scenes on new technology and content, and this, coupled with the intention to support an online community, will be Nokia's focus in the latter half of 2007.

"It's a three-pronged attack; the very best content, a whole host of varied devices offering the consumer choice, and the facility on those devices and online to find, share, manage, buy and play with content," said Martin O'Driscoll, head of games for the UK and Ireland.

The games division intends to stay quiet for the first half of 2007, with plans to launch next-generation handsets in the summer, supported by new games developed both in-house and from third party publishers.

"The first products from our next-generation of mobile devices will launch next summer," said O'Driscoll. "And from then there will be an increasing number of devices to suit different tastes and different price points."

"In support of that there will be a range of games from first and third party publishers, with client services launched to support those as well."

And with a concentrated focus on developing new technology and services, Nokia promises it's still in the mobile gaming market for the long run.

"It will build gradually, with one device to start with. But once that technology is present within one device it can be used in more and more. The number of devices that can deliver our next-gen quality games will grow over time."

"We don't see this as being a six month project where we'll put this technology in a few devices and walk away from it. This is something we plan to put into devices for the foreseeable future," added O'Driscoll.

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