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Nokia APAC's first developer for N-Gage QD!

Singapore, 14 September 2004 - SL Interactive Pte Ltd, a local game developer and publisher, is the first developer in Singapore and Nokia APAC to fully develop and have its title, Phantom Operations, exclusively showcased and embedded in Nokia's N-Gage QD.

Built using SL Interactive's isometric turn-based combat engine, players are in command of a vampire, an exorcist and a dark angel in this gothic adventure. "Being handpicked by Nokia over other global leading companies to develop an N-Gage showcase goes to show that we have the necessary skill sets and competencies to match up to the industry's big boys", commented Fei Loo, general manager of SL Interactive.

Following the collaboration, SL Interactive is working closely with Nokia's N-Gage department as its official content provider to source and publish cutting edge mobile game titles from other developers for the game deck throughout the Asia Pacific region.

With the successful embedding of Phantom Operations for the N-Gage QD and growing interest amongst international mobile game distributors, Fei is upbeat about the standard of the local game development industry. "Developers like ourselves have been approached recently by distributors and publishers in both Europe and America for mobile game titles. This is a healthy indication that the rest of the world is starting to take notice of our local developers".

In addition, SL Interactive is currently working with media companies and consumer product manufacturers to develop mobile content for their marketing and branding campaigns. "We offer a holistic and comprehensive solution. We develop, we publish and we distribute such content via our own platform and available channels", said Fei. "Furthermore, we have developed a mobile game porting framework that allows for rapid deployment across the major handsets. This is our competitive advantage", she added.

About SL Interactive

SL Interactive Pte Ltd is Singapore's largest mobile games developer and publisher with diverse titles widely distributed in Asia Pacific and around the world. SL Interactive develops compelling mobile gaming titles for a wide range of handsets including Nokia, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Sharp, Samsung, etc. The company also works with mobile content distributors as well as self publishes its titles via Mobile Games World Publishing (http://www.mymgw.com). For more information, contact info@slinteractive.com.

About Phantom Operations

The year is 2013 AD. The city of Los Angeles is ravaged by undead covens summoned by the Black Hand. To combat this threat, players have been summoned to guide and command a secret guild consisting of an unusual alliance; an Exorcist, a Vampire and a Dark Angel. Using their combined powers and skills, players must dispel the forces of the undead and vanquish the Black Hand.

Developed using SL Interactive's isometric turn-based combat engine, Phantom Operations puts players in command of three extraordinary warriors. Utilising each of their powers and abilities, players must lead them on quests through gothic Los Angeles to eliminate the dark forces of the Black Hand. Depending on their combat strategies, players are in full control of the game play given the upgrade and equipment options interface.

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