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No more gambling with game prices

Swapping site offers way to get value for money on games

London, 26 November, 2007 - UK gamers are losing almost half the value of a game each time they sell it on, even if it's a near-new, new release title.

Research shows gamers spend up to £40 on a single new release console title. Yet when reselling, the price drops down to between £20 and £30, leaving a loss of around half the original cost of the game.

Hitflip, the UK's largest game, DVD, CD and book swapping site offers an alternative to all those who are losing money from selling their near-new games.

From Halo 3, to Call of Duty to some of the more classic arcade games, www.hitflip.co.uk has more than 1,000 games available for swap at any given time.

"Any gamer knows how frustrating it is to buy a new game at full price, only to have to settle for selling it at a reduced rate once they've played it," says Joanna Wilson, Marketing Manager, Hitflip UK.

"With Hitflip, gamers can swap their titles for those of the same value - so you no longer have to settle for getting less than what you paid for."

Swapping sites are steadily growing in popularity throughout the UK and Hitflip offers one of the most extensive ranges of games for all platforms.

Joining Hitflip is easy and takes less than 30 seconds. There is no subscription required and users pay only 79p per transfer, which protects them against fraud and damaged media.

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About Hitflip

Hitflip ( www.hitflip.co.uk) is an online, peer-to-peer swapping site for the exchange of DVDs, music CDs, games, books and audio books. Founded in 2005 in Germany, it currently boasts more than 200,000 users offering to exchange 125,000 different DVDs, 20,000 audio books and plays, more than 40,000 games, 65,000 books and 85,000 music CDs.

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