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Nintendo reports over $1 billion in hardware sales

The company's Q4 results reveal growth in hardware sales

Nintendo has released its Q4 results with data showing that the company earned a total of JPY 107.6 billion (USD 1.038 billion / EUR 659.6 million) from hardware sales in the past year.

That number breaks down into JPY 46.7 billion (USD 450.7 million / EUR 286.2 million) earnings from handhelds, JPY 49.9 billion (USD 481.5 / EUR 305.8 million) from consoles and JPY 11 billion (USD 106.1 million / EUR 67.4 million) from other hardware products.

The report also revealed that Nintendo sold 18.6 million Wii units in total over the year, selling 3.9 million units in Japan, 8.2 million units in the Americas and 6.4 million units in the rest of the world. This has brought the total number of units sold to 24.4 million since the console's launch and is an increase of 12.7 million units on the previous year.

Nintendo also sold 30.3 million DS handheld units worldwide, with Japan accounting for 63.6 million of the units, the Americas 10.6 million and the rest of the world accounting for 13.3 million. This represents an increase of 6.3 million units on the figures from last year.

The Game Boy Advance continued to sell well, shifting 15.9 million units worldwide, although that is significantly down from the 43.4 million units sold the year before. Figures for the GameCube were tiny by comparison, with the virtually obselete console selling 160,000 units worldwide.

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