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From PooYoos to Zombies, there's something for everyone

9th April 2010: Guns at the ready as you blast your way through an endless maze of tunnels searching for escape in the fast paced Blaster Master™ - available to download on Virtual Console.

For some adorable learning fun, children will love Learning with the PooYoos Episode 2, the second instalment of Learning with the PooYoos Episode 1 - showcased at last year’s WiiWare event in London. Learn numbers and letters with a merry band of baby animals and play activities based on plants and music.

You’ll need all your wits about you in Zombie Panic in Wonderland on WiiWare as a sudden wave of zombies attack Wonderland. Solve mysteries, battle your way through countless enemies and put an end to the evil powers hidden in the castle.

Download Faceez from Nintendo DSiWare this week to have fun animating pictures of you and your friends. Using the Nintendo DSi’s connectivity, upload your funny snaps to Facebook!

Virtual Console - Blaster Master™

(Sunsoft, NES, 500 Wii Points)

Originally titled Meta Fight in Japan, this groundbreaking game was given a story makeover and released as Blaster Master™ in Europe, where it received strong critical acclaim and fan raves.

The New York sewers were never like this! You've fallen down a hidden manhole into a world of creatures so terrifying they'd scare the rats away. You can panic and perish, or blast your way through an endless maze of tunnels, searching for the secret passages to your escape.

But that's the easy part. Watch out for the Masters of the Caverns who lie in wait - prehistoric creatures so powerful, so gigantic, they literally fill your screen. So load your arsenal and get ready for Blaster Master.

WiiWare - Learning with the PooYoos Episode 2

(LEXIS NUMERIQUE, 500 Wii Points).

Welcome to the world of the PooYoos, the first fun, poetic brain-trainer for children 3-6 years old.

With the PooYoos, a merry band of adorable baby animals, children will have fun while learning the basics for his or her development: numbers, letters, lateralisation, shapes, colours and more. Children get to dance with their new friends and are offered lovely interactive rewards. With two levels of interactivity, all children whatever their age and level can play the activities based on plants and music.

This game has been designed for use by children who have not yet grasped reading. The instructions are spoken in French, English, Spanish, Italian, German or Dutch, depending on the country.

WiiWare - Zombie Panic in Wonderland

(Akaoni Studio, 1,000 Wii Points)

Zombie Panic in Wonderland is a frantic third-person shooter with large doses of humour.

A sudden wave of zombies is attacking Wonderland. To save his friends from the spell of the “amorous zombies”, with machine gun in hand, the player will have to solve the mystery of the “scented dwarves” and put an end to the evil power hidden in the castle in the northern city.

Cut scenes, music with lyrics, seven playable characters, hidden levels, final bosses, different weapons, lots of zombies attacking you at all times, explosions, demolitions, fire…it’s a panic filled treat for players this week on WiiWare.

NINTENDO DSiWare - AlphaBounce

(Mad Monkey Studio, 500 Nintendo DSi Points)

AlphaBounce combines the classical brick-breaking concept with RPG features, offering you the chance to explore an endless universe with millions of levels.

You have been taken prisoner by an evil intergalactic mining corporation which exploits the galaxy's mineral resources. Take your only chance to escape and blast your way through the bricks back to Earth.

NINTENDO DSiWare - Faceez

(Neko Entertainment, 200 Nintendo DSi Points)

Make your friends laugh with Faceez! Take pictures of their faces with the Nintendo DSi camera and then mix them and animate them. You can also dress them up with lots of funny accessories and place them in your own favourite settings.

Give free reign to your imagination with millions of possible combinations and, thanks to the Nintendo DSi’s connectivity with Facebook, you can share your creations with your friends who’ll be rolling on the floor laughing.

NINTENDO DSiWare - Game & Watch™

Experience a piece of Nintendo history with the Game & Watch series for Nintendo DSiWare. Each title is a perfect recreation of a classic LCD game from the early 1980s, including normal Game A and alternate Game B modes.

And no Game & Watch title would be complete without the "Watch" function - each title includes a fully functional clock.

Game & Watch™ Manhole

(Nintendo, 200 Nintendo DSi Points)

Manhole is a hectic game in which you must plug holes in the street. Using only one manhole cover, move quickly from hole to hole, and hold the cover in place as the pedestrians cross. You lose a life for any people that fall into the sewer. Game B challenges you at a faster pace.

Game & Watch™ Vermin

(Nintendo, 200 Nintendo DSi Points)

In Vermin, take control of a gardener, protecting his plot from marauding moles. As the moles make their way towards you, move left and right to line yourself up to make a well-timed whack with your mallets and send the burrowers packing. In Game B, more moles will appear, making your life harder.

Game & Watch™ Helmet

(Nintendo, 200 Nintendo DSi Points)

In Helmet, you are a builder trying to make your way across a construction site to an office. Problem is, it’s raining tools, and the office is sometimes locked. Try to make your way to safety by dodging the hammers, screwdrivers, pliers and other tools as they fall to the ground. Game B is harder, faster and there are more free-falling tools.

NINTENDO DSiWare - The Price is Right

(Ludia, 800 Nintendo DSi Points)

“Come On Down” and get the latest and greatest The Price Is Right game show experience, now with even more classic pricing games, new avatars and updated stages. Guess prices to make your way out of Contestant’s Row and on to the main stage, where you will play favourite pricing games, spin the Big Wheel, and compete for your chance at big money and fabulous prizes in the Showcase.

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For further information on each game please contact:

Zombie Panic in Wonderland

Akaoni Studio - Yoshimi Ito, y-ito@akaonistudio.com

Learning with the PooYoos Episode 2

LEXIS NUMERIQUE - Jose Sanchis, j.sanchis@lexis-numerique.fr


Mad Monkey Studio - Fabrice Lamidey, flamidey@madmonkeystudio.com


Neko Entertainment - Cédric Bache, cbache@e-neko.com

Game & Watch™ Manhole

Nintendo – Lewis Digby, lewis.digby@nintendo.co.uk

Game & Watch™ Vermin

Nintendo – Lewis Digby, lewis.digby@nintendo.co.uk

Game & Watch™ Helmet

Nintendo – Lewis Digby, lewis.digby@nintendo.co.uk

The Price is Right

Ludia - Eva Jando, ejando@ludia.com


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