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Bomberman '94, Zoda's Revenge: Startropics, 5 Sports Party, Karate Phants: Gloves of Glory and Art Style: Boxlife now available in Europe.

10th July 2009 – We kick off week two of the Virtual Console Hanabi Festival with two more classic titles previously unreleased in Europe. Plus – we also have new WiiWare and Nintendo DSiWare games for you to download.

Virtual Console sees the launch of two timeless games: the 90s Turbografx classic, Bomberman®'94 – for the first time outside of Japan, and the return of Mike Jones, high-school ace pitcher and part-time adventurer, from the NES gem Zoda’s Revenge™: StarTropics II™, previously released only in the U.S.

On WiiWare this week, try and spot the differences in 5 Spots Party and fight your way to the top in Karate Phants: Gloves of Glory.

If that isn’t whetting your taste buds, then have a go on the latest addition to the DSiWare Art Style Series - Art Style: BOXLIFE™.


(HUDSON SOFT, Turbografx, 700 Wii Points):

Bomberman returns to restore peace to the Bomber Planet – which has been split into five parts by the evil Bagular.

In addition to the nine members of the Bomber Family, the kangaroo ROOI shows up to lend a hand. Watch out for the eggs that appear when you bomb blocks - jump on one of them, and ROOI will burst out, ready to help you. Each version of ROOI has different special abilities which, if used well, will help you ride to victory.

Have a blast in the Battle Game Mode, which has been expanded to ten stages and sports new gimmicks such as bombs that turn according to arrows. You can even partner up with friends for tag team matches.


(NINTENDO, NES, 600 Wii Points):

Mike Jones, high-school ace pitcher and part-time adventurer, returns for another exciting escapade, this time travelling not through space but through time.

This sequel to StarTropics (also available on Virtual Console) was previously released only in North America, as one of the last NES titles. It follows the exploits of Mike, transported on a journey through history from the Stone Age to the Wild West.

Not only will you meet historical figures like Leonardo da Vinci and Cleopatra, you will also face the avengers of Zoda – the alien leader whom Mike defeated at the climax of his first adventure. Could Zoda be ready to rise again?


(COSMONAUT GAMES, 500 Wii Points):

5 Spots Party is a game of skill for all ages based on the popular game of finding five differences.

In its three playing modes, the goal is to find the greatest number of differences in the pictures shown. In the party modes, you must compete with other players and find as many mistakes as possible. In the 1 Player mode, you must find the differences before time runs out in order to beat the game’s highest scores.

How far do you think you can go?


(SNAPDRAGON GAMES, 800 Wii Points):

Grey, lumbering warriors from every corner of the world clash in a grand tournament to determine who among them is the greatest fighter of all time. Choose your fighter and trunk-slap, butt-stomp and barf your way to victory!

Karate Phants is a 1-on-1 fighting game for 1-2 players featuring characters from Otto Waalkes’ comic strip. Fight your way to the top of the tournament by defeating all the computer-controlled fighters, or duke it out with a friend.


(NINTENDO, 500 DSi Points):

The Art Style series brings you unique, simple-to-play games with striking visuals and immersive sound.

BOXLIFE is a unique puzzle game that involves building boxes as quickly and carefully as possible. Simply use the Touch Screen to cut and fold paper into shapes that make boxes when folded, using the stylus.

In R&D Mode, discover the many different patterns that form boxes, and use them to cut and construct boxes against the clock. In Factory Mode, turn a profit by making as many boxes as you can in a set time, using an endless sheet of paper. But wasted paper means lost cash, and less to spend on items for your home. So you’d better box clever; you’ve got your work cut out!

As the Wii Shop Channel is continually updated with exciting and refreshing games, make sure you keep checking the Channel and www.Wii.com for all the latest WiiWare and Virtual Console news and releases. Downloaded games can be saved to Wii’s internal memory or SD card and added to the console’s Wii Menu or SD Card Menu allowing them to be easily accessed at any time.

Following the recent launch of the Nintendo DSi, the Nintendo DSiWare pipeline is also regularly being updated. Make sure you keep checking http://www.nintendo.co.uk/NOE/en_GB/systems/nintendo_dsiware_11853.html and the Nintendo Channel for all the latest Nintendo DSiWare news and releases.

For further information on each game please contact:


Sarah Head, Nintendo, ( Sarah.Head@nintendo.co.uk)

Zoda’s Revenge™: StarTropics II™



Tel: 0845 259 1325

5 Spots Party

José A. Giacomelli, 46 To Shinuku Medialab, S.L. ( giaco@46tsm.com)

Karate Phants: Gloves of Glory

Christian von Duisburg, SnapDragon Games ( cvd@snapdragongames.com)

Art Style: BOXLIFE™



Tel: 0845 259 1325


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