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Nintendo DSi to launch in US on April 5

Evolution of hugely popular handheld platform to retail for $169.99

Nintendo of America has announced that it is to launch the next iteration of the Nintendo DS - the DSi - in the United States on April 5 this year.

The handheld console will retail for USD 169.99 and be available at launch in blue and black versions, and will include new technology such as the DSi Camera built-in.

"Ever since the arrival of the first Game Boy, consumers worldwide have turned to Nintendo for their portable gaming," commented Cammie Dunaway, executive VP of sales and marketing at Nintendo of America. "Nintendo DSi builds on Nintendo's commitment to bringing fun and creative entertainment to everyone, and will allow consumers to personalize and share their very own experiences."

The DSi was initially launched in Japan last year, and has proven popular with gamers there, now regularly outselling its predecessor.

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