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27 January 2005 - As an outbreak of touch-screen fever grips Europe, gamers will be spoilt for choice with the enormous selection of quality Nintendo DS titles being developed. Following the console's March 11 launch in the UK, the number of Nintendo DS games will significantly expand, with many titles both from Nintendo and the world's top independent publishers to come including Atari, EA and Konami will join a selection of Nintendo favourites.

Put the pedal to the metal as the world's most famous Italian plumber takes racing to an extreme in Nintendo's latest Mario Kart game. Mario Kart DS (temporary title) includes all of the fun and quirky elements, which have made the series such a success to date, with gorgeous 3D graphics, complex tracks and the addition of a highly addictive wireless multiplayer mode. This is a game you can't afford to miss!

Videogaming's most adorable green character is back to guide the helpless Baby Mario to safety in the fast paced Yoshi's Touch and Go (temporary title). Players must draw clouds on the touch-screen to guide Baby Mario to Yoshi and protect him from enemies. The game even includes a two-player wireless play mode to keep gamers coming back for more.

Fans of the cute and cuddly will be delighted to hear that the newest addition to the Nintendo family even comes with its own virtual pet. The innovative Nintendogs (temporary title) allows you to keep your very own virtual pets on your hand-held. Using the stylus and microphone, players can teach old dogs new tricks and impress their friends over a wireless link.

If brain-straining mystery is your thing the Nintendo DS has just the game for you! Another (temporary title) is the first true adventure game for the system, with complex puzzles and detailed environments to explore. Both the system's touch-screen and voice-recognition is utilised by players when solving the problems they encounter.

Jam With The Band (temporary title) will literally rock your world when it launches on the Nintendo DS. Make beautiful music by playing along with the on-screen cues, timing is the key to success. Playing is good, but sharing is even better. An unlimited number of players can get together for massive jam sessions using the system's wireless capability. Up to eight can play using just one game card!

The art of war is a complex matter, fiercely debated throughout the ages; that is until now! Advance Wars DS (temporary title) puts control of a vast army in the palm of your hand. Players utilise the Nintendo DS's unique attributes to lead both land and air forces to ultimate victory. Armchair generals can even battle it out with their friends wirelessly until one clear victor is left standing.

Racing fans will further rejoice to hear that one of the most popular racing franchises of all time is making its way onto the Nintendo DS. Need for Speed Underground 2 from EA, invites you to take to the streets and enter the world of illicit street racing, boasting some of the best graphics seen on a hand-held to date. Players can use money won from races to purchase new vehicles and modify their current cars. Wireless multiplayer is one modification you won't need; it comes as standard!

The world famous Belmont family is making a touch-screen come back in the latest Vampire staking masterpiece from Konami. Castlevania DS (temporary title) utilises the unique touch-screen capabilities of the Nintendo DS to add a fresh new dimension to the title. Created by the team behind the classic Castellanies: Aria of Sorrow, Castlevania DS features stunning graphics, imaginative effects, a moving musical score and a wireless trading system.

As if that wasn't enough Atari has announced it will be bringing its Old School classics to the New School hand-held. Retro Atari Classics will feature 10 original Atari games, including Pong, Missile Command, Asteroids, Breakout, Centipede, Tempest, Warlords, Gravatar, Lunar Lander and Sprint. The game will take advantage of all the technical innovations of the Nintendo DS with wireless multiplayer and dual screen game-play.

All these fantastic titles are just a small selection of the games on offer to Nintendo DS owners this year. With over 120 titles being developed for the console, whatever your taste in games the Nintendo DS is the only console to be seen with in 2005!

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