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Nintendo developer Cing files for bankruptcy - report

Hotel Dusk and Little King's Story creator suffers $2.9m in liabilities

Japanese developer Cing has filed for bankruptcy in Japan, with the company reportedly suffering from liabilities of 256 million yen (USD 2.9m/EUR 2.1m).

A brief report on the Japanese language site Net-IB, as translated by Web forum NeoGAF, suggests that the firm was forced to make the filing on 1 March.

A small studio with less than 30 staff, Cing was founded in 1999. Its debut title was the Japan and Europe-only release Glass Rose for Capcom.

However, the company has been most closely associated with Nintendo and Nintendo hardware, via titles such as Another Code (aka Trace Memory), Hotel Dusk and Marvelous' Little King's Story for the Wii.

The company's most recent title - Hotel Dusk follow-up Last Window for the Nintendo DS - was trademarked by Nintendo of Europe, but it is now unclear whether it will ever be released outside of Japan.

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