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Nintendo bundles Cube demo disc in Japan

Following similar moves in the USA, Nintendo is planning create a new demo disc for the GameCube which will be bundled with its new "GameCube Enjoyment Pack" in Japan.

Similar to the recent US promotion, which showcased demos of Billy Hatcher, Viewtiful Joe, Sonic Adventure DX, Splinter Cell, and Soul Calibur II, the Japanese disc will include Viewtiful Joe, Sonic DX and Wario, along with video footage of Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles, F-Zero GX and Tales of Symphonia.

However if you want to get your hands on it, it'll cost you a pretty penny, as the GameCube Enjoyment Pack (which bundles the Cube and GB Player adapter) weighs in at 19800 yen - â'¬140, or £100. It's not known whether the demo disc will also be made available seperately.

Additional Reporting by Rob Fahey

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