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NFL retiree suit settled for $26.25 million

Players Association agrees to pay group of former US football players in an out-of-court settlement

The US National Football League Players Association has agreed to pay an out-of-court settlement of USD 26.25 million to a group of retired players.

The settlement marks the end of an ongoing legal battle between retired football players and the NFLPA over the unauthorized usage of the players' likenesses in the Madden NFL series of videogames.

The NFLPA was found guilty in November of 2008 of violating licensing agreements by failing to pay royalties, and ordered to pay USD 28.1 million. The verdict was appealed, but finally put to rest with last week's settlement.

In April, retired NFL player Bernie Parrish declared his intent to go after both EA and John Madden himself in further suits, asking the group of 2,062 retired players to each contribute USD 1,000 to a "litigation War Chest" to pursue these and future legal battles.

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