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Nexon Mobile and Mikoishi partner on 3G real-time multiplayer games for Korean market

SteamIron: The Fallen - World's first true RTS game for mobile phones

GCA Games Convention Asia 2007, Singapore , 7 September 2007 - Nexon Mobile and Mikoishi today announced a new partnership to release the world's first true Real Time Strategy (RTS) Game for 3G mobile phones. SteamIron: The Fallen will be released by Nexon Mobile in South Korea from November 2007 as part of a new multi-title joint development partnership deal between the Korean publisher and Singapore-based game development studio.

SteamIron: The Fallen is the first installment in Mikoishi's SteamIron franchise. SteamIron is an epic cross-platform sci-fi fantasy that plays out over multiple installments on both handheld and PC platforms.

The story begins on 3G mobile with SteamIron: The Fallen with future installments planned for Mobile , Nintendo DS culminating in a PC MMOG scheduled for release in 2009. Cross-platform gameplay and community features are planned and will be announced in 2008.

" SteamIron: The Fallen was designed specifically to cater to the massive RTS fan base in Korea." said Alex Goatcher, Chief Creative Officer for Mikoishi. "In the past, RTS games have been tried on mobile but have failed due to the lack of cooperative and competitive gameplay. Network technology and handsets were not able to support real-time competitive gameplay. Now with Theatre , our advanced online gaming technology, RTS games can now be played in a swift, fair, and controlled mobile environment." concluded Goatcher.

SteamIron: The Fallen features include:

Real time, competitive multiplayer RTS for the mobile form factor Online Ladder system Innovative adaptations of core RTS mechanics to mobile platform Two unique factions each providing a different gaming experience Multiple unit types per faction, requiring "research" to unlock Command up to 15 units at any one time Two different resources to manage, Iron and Steam Rich selection of maps at launch, able to refresh content with new maps continually after launch Live spectator support for televised tournaments "Successfully bringing such an important game genre to Korean mobile gamers required a top tier local partner and Nexon Mobile possesses the marketing skills to proliferate a killer RTS game for Korea 's mobile game market" said Irene Chua, CEO of Mikoishi. "Nexon Mobile has the ability to utilize its online portal, media relations, and partnership with Korea's top e-sports broadcasters which will help us introduce SteamIron to the Korean gaming community as well as casual gamers to recruit new fans for RTS games on mobile. " added Chua.

"With SteamIron, Mikoishi has developed a ground-breaking gameplay system that enables mobile RTS to become a reality" said Joonmo Kwon, CEO of Nexon Mobile. "We are excited to bring SteamIron to RTS fans in Korea and this unprecedented real-time multiplayer gaming experience available through the mobile platform is further testament to the capabilities of Mikoishi's cross-platform online gaming technology, Theatre".

SteamIron Release Schedule

PLATFORM GENRE INSTALLMENT TITLES RELEASE DATE 3G Mobile Real-time Multiplayer RTS The Fallen Q4 2007 3G Mobile Real-time Multiplayer RTS

(Expansion Pack)

Awakening Q1 2008 3G Mobile Real-time Multiplayer RTS

(Special Pack for Televised Tournament)

Tournament Edition Q3 2008 3G Mobile Real-time Multiplayer RTS Ferrom Rising Q4 2008 Nintendo DS Action RPG (Single-player)

Real-time Multiplayer Team Strategy game (Multiplayer)

The Exodus Q4 2008 Online PC Real-time Multiplayer Team Strategy game Metamorphosis Q2 2009 About SteamIron

SteamIron is an epic re-imagining of a classic space opera set in a science fiction universe. The story stems from an alternate history, projected far into future where the electronic revolution as we know it never occurred.

Although the universe is recognizably futuristic, everything is grounded in the mechanical world. From inter-stellar space ships to advance communications all technologies are decidedly retro in their derivations.

The story starts on this alternate Earth under the iron vice of the Ternion Empire that covers all known lands. The empire is a conference of the offices of the Emperor, his elusive elite guard (the Modan) and the misguided religious organization of the Pax Imperium. SteamIron chronicles the political struggle within the Ternion as each of its factions fight for power and control.

About Nexon Mobile

The Nexon Mobile Corporation is a mobile game developer and publisher based in Seoul , Korea . Nexon Mobile has provided entertainment applications and support to multiple wireless platforms in Korea since 2001. It is currently one of the foremost mobile game developers and publishers in Asia , offering a broad spectrum of creative and technical expertise. Nexon Mobile is a preferred mobile entertainment partner for wireless carriers, handset manufacturers, major media companies, and independent content developers.

Indisputable amount of industry recognition led to the "Strategic Alliance in Mobile Games" with Nexon, enabling Nexon Mobile to target, promote, distribute, and establish a bond with Nexon's over 30 million online users, using Nexon.com's online presence and leverage. While Nexon gave way to the first online MMORPG, Nexon Mobile was the first developer to create MMO-scale epic RPG adventures with the Heroes of Three Kingdoms series. Nexon Mobile's endeavors have also helped penetrate online users with mobile market places and spinoffs of killer IPs, such as Nexon's Kart Rider and Maple Story series. Nexon Mobile are constantly raising the bar and stakes in the industry, always on the hunt for new business models, which makes us one of the most creative and cutting edge companies in the mobile game developing and publishing arena.

About Mikoishi

Mikoishi is an award winning development studio that specializes in online multiplayer games for mobile phones, handheld game consoles and PC platforms. Mikoishi games are based on internally created IP franchises that have a truly international appeal.

Mikoishi's products are powered by Theatre, the company's online interactive entertainment technology that enables multi-platform and cross-platform playability coupled with online player communities, tournament play, prize play and game item purchase and trading.

Mikoishi has collaborated with major game publishers, Hollywood and leading mobile operators worldwide to deliver Theatre powered entertainment products in 8 languages, over 40 countries across North and South America , Europe and North and South East Asia .

Mikoishi is headquartered in Singapore with regional offices in Korea and Japan . For additional information, please visit http://www.mikoishi.com/.

Past projects and awards include: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (IGN's Best of E3 2006 - Best Wireless Strategy Game, 1UP's Best of E3 2006 - Runner Up for Best Mobile Game), Star Wars Battlefront Mobile (Runner Up - IGN Wireless Game of the Year 2005, Most Innovative Design), Super Puzzle Fighter II: Network Battle (IGN's Best of E3 2006 - Most Innovative Design for Wireless Game, IGN's Best of E3 2006 - Runner up for Best Puzzle Game, 1UP's Best of E3 2006 - Runner Up for Best Mobile Game), Metal Unit (GameAxis - 2005's Editors' Choice and Asian Game of the Year)

Mikoishi, Theatre and Metal Unit are registered trademarks of Mikoishi Studios. Super Puzzle Fighter II: Network Battle Phoenix Wright TM & ® Capcom. Star Wars Battlefront Mobile TM & ® THQ Games. Star Wars is property of Lucas Film.

For more information, screenshots, or videos, please contact:

Red Dawn Communications (on behalf of Mikoishi)

Florence Ang

M: +65 9691 1404

T: +65 6222 4704

Email: florence@reddawncommunications.com

Genevieve Siew

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T: +65 6222 4704

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