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News in brief: this week's game announcements

Each week, GamesIndustry.biz brings you a round-up of all the game announcements made over the past seven days. Read on to find out more about the newly unveiled line-ups from Gamecock and SouthPeak, plus titles in the pipeline from D3Publisher, Activision, 505 Games, Black Bean and Crave. There's also a brief summary of the games hitting UK shops today.

Monday saw the announcement that two former G.O.D. executives have established the new and interestingly titled Gamecock Media Group. The company's first batch of titles will include Fury, a massively multiplayer PC game, and Insecticide, an action adventure on PC and unspecified handhelds. Both titles are due out this Christmas.

In spring 2008 Gamecock will release Mushroom Men, down for a next-gen console and handheld, and Hail to the Chimp - a party game for multiple next-gen machines. And finally there's Hero, which features a medieval dungeon theme and is out on PC and consoles in spring 2009.

Meanwhile, D3Publisher has announced Xbox 360-exclusive Earth Defence Force 2017. Described as an "action-packed arcade-style third-person shooter", the game is due out this spring.

Activision has confirmed that Enemy Territory: Quake Wars is not a PC exclusive title, but will also be appearing on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Coming later this year from 505 Games is The Destiny of Zorro, a Wii exclusive that's currently in development at Pronto Games. It's set in Spanish California in the early eighteen 1800s, and sees players taking on the role of the infamous swashbuckler - using their Wii remote like a sword to slice up opponents and perform the signature 'Z' slash.

SouthPeak Games unveiled its UK line-up this week, which includes PSP fighting game The Con and Monster Madness: The Battle for Suburbia for Xbox 360 and PC. MM's April release will be followed by the launch of Two Worlds in May - an RPG that's also on Xbox 360 and PC.

Black Bean Games, Slitherine Software and The History Channel are teaming up to produce Great Battles of Rome. Players must oversee a series of campaigns waged against the Barbarian hordes and establish their own empire, with more than 100 battles to play through. The game is down for a PC, PS2 and PSP release on May 7.

And finally, Crave Entertainment is to publish Brunswick Pro Bowling on PS2, PSP and Nintendo Wii. It's said to offer a "detailed, realistic bowling centre experience, with authentic sights and sounds and official Brunswick bowling gear".

As for titles hitting the shops today - the PC gets highly anticipated RTS Supreme Commander, ArmA: Armed Assault, Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened and Tortuga - Two Treasures.

Coming to PSP are movie tie-ins Arthur and the Invisibles and Over the Hedge: Hammy Goes Nuts!, plus TOCA Race Driver 3. Cartoon Network Racing is out on PS2 and DS, while Nintendo's handheld also gets Mario Slam Basketball. There's a Wii exclusive in the shape of Excite Truck, and one for PS2 - God Hand. For all the latest games reviews visit our sister site, Eurogamer.net.

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