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New version of Exit Games Neutron 3.0 for easy development of connected games introduces improved features for 3G and social entertainment

Hamburg, March, 15, - The leading service provider for connected mobile entertainment Exit Games launched the latest version of its platform Exit Games Neutron 3.0.

With its enhanced TCP real-time library the new release Exit Games Neutron 3.0 facilitates an easier and quicker development of connected content for 3G networks. It comes up with a variety of new features for community, communications, game play and billing to improve joint mobile gaming. The three most important ones are asset management and event billing as well as matchmaking pools and virtual rooms.

The enhanced asset management and event billing feature enables the download and integration of additional content assets into a running application as well as the individual payment of each asset via event billing. This feature helps the developer to create a more diverse game play and extend the lifecycle by offering for example additional levels, which is essential for a 3G gaming experience.

Improved matchmaking pools facilitate better interaction between players of the same level, guaranteeing higher quality and gaming experience. It also gives developers and publishers the opportunity to easily balance and manage larger communities.

Virtual rooms expand the game by important community features that make matchmaking more individual and comfortable. Here, the user is offered the possibility e.g. of meeting outside the initial game and chat.

"Exit Games Neutron 3.0 has been optimized for the major trends in mobile games 2006: connected 3G 3D gaming and social casual entertainment. The new release comes in line with exploding global operator demand and industry innovations like 3G 3D phones or mobile Flash." explains Harald Behnke, CEO of Exit Games.

Exit Games core product Neutron is a managed service for connected and multiplayer mobile games, based on the open OMA (Open Mobile Alliance) Games Services standard. The innovative multiplayer solution is broadly internationally accepted by clients such as ifone, Skyzone, Fremantle Media, Vodafone, T-Mobile, Siemens and Sony Ericsson.

About Exit Games

Exit Games is a software provider for mobile entertainment platforms. The core product Exit Games Neutron is the leading mobile multiplayer solution, connecting mobile operators and users all over the world. Clients and partners of Exit Games are leading publishers, developers and mobile communications companies like Ifone, Mobile Lingo, Skyzone, Kuju Wireless, Vodafone, Sprint, T-Mobile, Orange, Qualcomm, Sony Ericsson, Siemens or BenQ Mobile.

Exit Games was founded in 2003 on venture capital funding and maintains branches in Hamburg, Germany and San Francisco, CA /USA.

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