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New Spellborn Trailer released!

'The Howling'

When two creative and artistic minds create something new together, it is bound to be something special and unique. Last February, Spellborn NV announced a special partnership with Within Temptation, a symphonic rock band known for its haunting Celtic melodies and powerful vocals and the fruits of this partnership are now starting to emerge with a special 6 minute long game-trailer for The Chronicles of Spellborn called 'The Howling'.

Relying on Spellborn's extensive lore and background, Within Temptation have taken one of the games larger background stories, that of the rise of and fall of the human presence on the shard; Mount of Heroes and turned it into a fast and exhilarating score.

Being almost all gamers themselves, Within Temptation have captured the essence of a game like The Chronicles of Spellborn and added their own special sound to the equation. The result is a game-trailer unlike any other and is something you have to see for yourself.

For more information about 'The Howling' game-trailer, Within Temptation and The Chronicles of Spellborn surf to http://www.the-howling.com!

The Chronicles of Spellborn,

What lies hidden must be found


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The trailer can be downloaded for publishing in 2 versions and can be freely distributed on the web.

640x480 version:


320x240 version:


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