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New Sony in-game advertising business will focus on Home

SCEA has announced the formation of an in-game advertising business unit

SCEA has announced the formation of an in-game advertising business unit.

The company has hired Darlene Kinder, former vice president of publishing for Adscape Media, to lead the new unit as the director of network advertising.

"Darlene has an ideal blend of experience within the videogame industry, including in-game advertising, making her a perfect fit for this newly created position," said Phil Rosenberg, senior vice president of sales and business development.

"She will be tasked with the important role of working closely with our internal teams as well as our third-party publishers and external advertising agencies to develop business and marketing strategies for our newly formed online advertising group."

In addition to Adscape Media, Kinder previously worked for Nintendo, IREM America, Data East, and 3dfx Interactive.

The new business unit follows SCEA's prior announcement that it was working with The Nielsen Company to measure game network advertising.

Although the in-game advertising unit will be responsible for incorporating advertising across all PlayStation platforms, its emphasis will be on PlayStation Home, which "will present opportunities for SCEA to deliver dynamic, relevant advertisements in game."

"SCEA will depict brands in various forms within the game, where users would expect to see them in real life on billboards and posters, on shopping bags and soda cans and on images of TV screens," the company said.