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New screenshots to Grotesque - Heroes Hunted...

World of Warcraft meets Monty Python

[Press Note] Deidesheim, July 05, 2006 Elves, prick up your ears! Grotesque - Heroes Hunted is a unique solo role-playing game with ironic undertone and absorbing story line. Rayk Kerstan, Creative Director of Silent Dreams: "Grotesque is developing into a technically advanced game that competes with next-generation titles like Gothic 3 or Neverwinter Nights 2" One of Grotesque's strengths is the charismatic characters. These are displayed in a brilliant quality in a fantasy environment of dynamic lights with real-time shadows. The world has bloom, hdr effects and normal/parallax mapping on every object. Also, NPCs in Grotesque have profuse charisma with distinctive personalities that will remain in the players' memory -some of them will surely rise to a cult status! [GP addition: Description of accompanying screenshots] Screenshot number 1 Typical scene from Grotesque that parodies Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Lego-Lars and other soldiers went into battle to solve a quest that the playable character called Roger Sun had screwed up miserably previously. Euphorically, they surround the first (little) enemy without knowing that a much bigger enemy is waiting for them Screenshot number 2 Protagonist Roger Sun and a NPC fight together against two hungry Orcs. The hungry Orcs shown on the Screenshot are the "light version" of the Orc population in Grotesque. Orcs usually eat flesh from vegetarian humans. The attentive player will notice that the combat system and UI are similar to the MMORPG "World of Warcraft". Grotesque has a classical and transparent User Interface. Screenshot number 3 Deacon in a conversation with Roger Sun. Deacon, a timid Soldier who always feels discriminated, is the first companion who fights together with Roger in the Adventure. During fights, it may happen that Deacon gets scared and runs away How can you compare Grotesque - Heroes Hunted with other games? World of Warcraft (Fighting system, User Interface, Handling) Gothic Series (Career System, NPC daily routine) Final Fantasy (distinctive characters, dreamful art design) Monkey Island / Ankh (Adventure puzzles, humour, communication) In a few weeks, more screenshots to Grotesque will follow. Additionally, Silent Dreams will be represented by Schanz International Consultants (SIC) at the Games Convention 2006 in Leipzig, Gemany (Business Center /Room D41). SIC will be demo-ing the game to publishers. For more on "Grotesque - Heroes Hunted": www.grotesque-game.com For more on SIC: www.schanzgames.com
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