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New PS2 model coming to India and Europe

Latest iteration of the console will be used to further Sony's presence in the burgeoning Russian and Indian markets

Sony Computer Entertainment has announced it will be launching the fourth version of the PlayStation 2 for the European and Indian market by October 28.

SCE country manager Atindriya Bose told the Indian Economic Times that the launch would be simultaneous in both markets and the that the new PS2 would be a slimmer model with in-built AC adapters.

"PS2 is an entry-level console, which helps first timers to enter the gaming zone," said Bose.

He further revealed that the new console, which will keep the RRP of the outgoing model, is aimed at penetrating India's and Russia's burgeoning market for games.

"We feel PS2 has the potential to penetrate further into the Indian and Russian markets. Console gaming is in its nascent stage in India. These are untapped markets and are new to the gaming world, hence we have no plans to phase out PS2 anytime soon," he added.

When asked if thought it would impact PS3 sales, Bose responded: "We do not market it as a PS2 or PS3. It is the experience of the PS that we market. PS3 is for the next generation. People who are first timers in the gaming market want to pick up PS2 and experience that, before upgrading to PS3," he said.

Sony has made a number of attempts over the past couple years to ingratiate itself with the Indian games market, including the opening of a studio in the region and signing up 13 local developers to work on games for the PS2.