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New Product for Developers of Games and Realtime-Applications

For immediate release

Hanover, Germany - 11th of August, 2005

"Complete Characters" is an extended form of graphics library, which includes 3D models of human characters with customizable textures and animations. The package is 11 gigabytes large and is distributed by Rocketbox Studios GmbH on 3 DVDs.

The characters are low- and medium-polygon models, so they are predestined for Realtime 3D Applications. As the 100 characters are included each with 3 different polycounts (approx. 600,2500 and 5000 triangle polygons), the possible applications range from mobile- and handheld-development to the development of games and applications for PC systems and next generation consoles. Because of the optionally applicable normal bumpmaps and specular maps, a usage for rendering stills and movies is also possible.

The diffuse textures have a size of 2048x2048 pixel. They are available in a form that is built up modularly. Single elements of the clothing like drapery, cloth structures, colors, joints, pockets, buttons, inscriptions etc. are sorted in separate layers in the Photoshop *.psd files and therefore exchangeable.

All characters have a bone skeleton and skinning, thus they are animatable. Also 100 animations in Character Studio *.bip file format are included in the package. Often needed basic animations were created here, for example walk, run, drop dead or pick up something from the ground.

"Complete Characters" is mainly designed for the use with 3ds Max (version 5 and higher). The release of a special Maya version is planned for autumn 2005, Additionally the models are already included in the *.3ds and *.obj file formats, but the animation setup and the animations themselves are not usable without 3ds Max. A company license is available for 2499 Euro (or 3199 USD for US companies) and includes a right of use that is not limited in time or number of projects. Further information can be found on www.complete-characters.com.

Rocketbox Studios GmbH will be presenting the product on the Games Convention in Leipzig, Germany from 17th to 20th of August 2005 (Business Center / Hall 2, booth # E71)

Contact info for further inquiry

Rocketbox Studios GmbH

Vahrenwalder Str. 7

0165 Hannover


Fon +49-511-9357280

Fax +49-511-9357100

E-Mail info@rocketbox.de

Internet www.rocketbox.de

Contact person: Markus Wojcik

Further info about the product: www.complete-characters.com

Graphical Material for the usage in online publications can be downloaded here:


Graphical Material for the usage in print publications can be downloaded here:


Rocketbox Studios GmbH from Hanover, Germany is working as a service provider offering graphics services for game developers. Clients are for example 4Head Studios, Deck 13 Interactive, House of Tales, Promotion Software, Reakktor Media and Tektree. Furthermore graphics libraries are developed and distributed, which are to save time and cost for developers with the creation of their products - lastly the realtime character library "Complete Characters".

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