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New Intel-sponsored indie development contest

$8000 prizepot plus public endorsement for best netbook games made with DarkBasic

Intel and The Game Creators are seeking applications to a new independent development competition.

The scheme involves submitting netbook-friendly games, made with the Dark Basic Professional or Darkd GDK amateur dev tools, to Intel's AppUp download channel.

The Windows-based App Store alternative, launched in January, enables developers to sell small titles for low-spec PCs.

The netbook development challenge will offer four prize categories - best overall game, best graphics, best gameplay and standout game element.

For the former category, the winner will receive a holiday worth up to $5000. For the others, first prize is $1000 cash and elevated profile in Intel's Atom Developer Program.

Entrants will not sacrifice any IP rights for their demos, which must be no larger than 250MB and include no third-party content.

Applications must be submitted by 31 October. Full rules and details are available here.

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