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New entertainment distributor 4Side launches in Italian market

Tech distributor Esprinet partners with former Activision Blizzard Italy management team

A partnership between Esprinet and the former management team of Activision Blizzard's Italian subsidiary has launched a new distributor for the Italian entertainment industry.

4Side was created following a management buyout of the the Activision Blizzard team, and intends to set a new "industry standard" for distribution in the Italian entertainment sector.

The distributor has already signed a four-year agreement with Activision Blizzard in Italy.

"Our newly formed team at 4Side has some impressive credentials to back up our ideals, with 10 years experience in the distribution business and 15 years experience as managers in a multinational company," said 4Side general manager Paolo Chisari.

"With multiple achievements under our belt and our new Esprinet partners, we are confident that we are going to have a big impact on the industry and will redefine how distribution is done."

Esprinet, a leading tech distributor in Italy and Spain, owns a 51% share of 4Side, and will help consolidate its position in the games sector.

"We are incredibly excited to bring together the powerhouse that is Esprinet and a team of high caliber staff that have many years of knowledge and experience in the entertainment sector," said Alessandro Cattani, CEO of Esprinet.

"With a strong financial, managerial and organizational background - we are sure this rare blend will bring success to all of our clients."

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