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New Book Reveals the Inside Secrets to GET RICH PLAYING GAMES

Paperback Shipping Now, eBook 100% FREE from www.GetRichGaming.com and Special High Score Edition Coming January 2008

"A must-read The first book on the videogame business that's both insightful and entertaining."

-Ed Zobrist, President, Sierra Online

Atlanta - (September 18, 2007) - In a watershed moment for PC and videogame fans of all ages, Scott Steinberg's Get Rich Playing Games ($17.95, P3: Power Play Publishing), the first book to reveal everything readers need to go from rags to riches in the star-studded interactive entertainment business, is finally here. Thirty years in the making, the critically-acclaimed volume has all the answers both casual and hardcore players alike need to make a fortune without ever leaving the couch!

Get Rich Playing Games, penned by acclaimed entrepreneur Scott Steinberg, author of Videogame Marketing and PR and The Videogame Style Guide, features nearly 200 pages of in-depth commentary and insight from the biz's biggest names including Shigeru Miyamoto, Will Wright, Sid Meier, John Romero, Trip Hawkins, Ted Price, Lorne Lanning, Lord British and more! From tutorials on building your own videogame to strategies for rocketing up the corporate ranks or turning pro and earning millions in sponsorship dollars, it's an essential read for anyone who's ever dreamed of building a fortune off making, marketing, writing about, publishing or playing computer and video games. Also includes a foreword by Nolan Bushnell, founder of Atari, Chuck E. Cheese's and uWink.

Available now at all major retailers including Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble, Get Rich Playing Games covers all major topics from PC to console, casual, mobile, massively-multiplayer, online and independent games. The eBook edition is available to the general public 100% FREE from www.GetRichGaming.com, with paperback editions also ready to order right from the website or Lulu.com. This volume is a must-have for anyone seeking a career in game art, design, programming, audio, management, PR, marketing, publishing, journalism, testing or sales.

A special High Score Edition, featuring new chapters, additional interviews and other must-see updates will also be available in January 2008.

Praise for Get Rich Playing Games:

"Shows you how to make all your dreams come true - and make serious money doing it!"

- Brian Fargo, Founder, Interplay and InXile Entertainment

"A home run touches on all the bases necessary for creating a winning strategy for success in the videogame field."

- Bill Gardner, President and CEO, Eidos

"Reveals the secrets of playing to win and how to do it making great games!"

-"Wild Bill" Stealey, Founder, MicroProse and Interactive Magic

"There's a fine line between getting rich and losing your shirt in the videogame business, so arm yourself with the essential weapons to succeed: This book's a cruise missile!"

- Charles Bellfield, VP Marketing, Codemasters Inc.

"In every field, it always pays to love what you do - especially when that involves rescuing the princess, saving the world from nuclear annihilation or fending off hordes of rampaging zombies," said Steinberg. "Only now, thanks to Get Rich Playing Games, it also does so with compound interest. This one's for all the videogame fans worldwide and all the soon-to-be-overjoyed parents."

About the Author

Scott Steinberg is managing partner of technology supersite DigitalTrends.com and managing director of Embassy Multimedia Consultants, which counsels game industry publishers, developers and investors worldwide. The biz's most prolific freelance author and radio/TV host, he's covered gaming/technology for 300+ outlets from CNN to the LA/NY Times, Playboy, Rolling Stone, USA Today and TV Guide. Other ventures include software publisher Overload Entertainment and Games Press, the ultimate resource for game journalists, as well as groundbreaking books Videogame Marketing and PR and The Videogame Style Guide and Reference Manual.


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