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Neverland Online

Browser-based MMORPG's Thanksgiving specials include double bonus Gold Credits and item discounts.

In celebration of this time for giving thanks, Oak Pacific Interactive would like to extend its gratitude to players for their positive reception of Neverland Online since open beta testing started in mid-October. Through December 17, players of Neverland Online are invited to take advantage of the following special offers:

* Double Bonus Special in the Neverland Online Recharge Center: Players who purchase gold coins will receive twice the amount of bonus Gold Credit.

For this

Purchase Amount

Get this number of

Gold Coin

Plus this amount of

bonus Gold Credit

$10 USD 10 1 2


$30 USD 30 6 12


$50 USD 50 15 30 $100 USD 100 40 80


$300 USD 300 150 300 * Selected items in the Neverland Online Thanksgiving Chest will be discounted and available for the low price of $0.50 USD (50 cents) each.

A different Thanksgiving Chest item will be selected at random to go on sale at set intervals, so players have the chance to own all 17 powerful in-game items, including the VIP package, which gets owners a 30-day VIP membership. With these Thanksgiving treasures, new players can make short work of the novice stages and begin to experience Neverland Online at a whole new level, while existing players can advance more quickly to higher character levels.

Contents of the Neverland Online Thanksgiving Chest:

1 x HP Crystal (Big)

1 x MP Crystal (Large)

1 x HP Crystal (Small)

1 x MP Crystal (Small)

1 x HP Crystal

1 x MP Crystal

1 x Pet HP Crystal

1 x Pet MP Crystal

1 x Pet Life Crystal

1 x Closed Training Pack (Rank 3)

1 x Closed Training Pack (Rank 2)

1 x Closed Training Pack (Rank 1)

1 x VIP package

1 x High-lv Pet Elixir Gift-pack (Great)

1 x HP Essence Chest

1 x MP Essence Chest

1 x Golden Dragon egg

About Neverland Online

Neverland Online, the hugely popular browser-based MMORPG developed by China’s Oak Pacific Interactive, recently became accessible to players in North America and Europe, when an English-language version entered open beta testing on October 15. Players assume the role of Ranger, Assassin, Elementalist or Taoist to complete quests.

Defeat the Demon Army with the aid of nearly 200 million pieces of equipment and a vast array of pets as you navigate through a mythical ancient Chinese world and search for the secret to immortality in Neverland Online….

About OPI

The OPI Game Center has developed a series of outstanding Chinese-language browser-based games, including the hugely popular Cat Tales (2006); the 2D MMORPG Neverland Online (2008); Three Kingdoms Warrior, based on a well-known Chinese historical myth; and the Western fantasy Empire Craft, which had over four million registered players within a half year of its launch. An English-language version of Empire Craft is now also available on the game portal Hithere.com.

The OPI Game Center ( www.imop.com) is part of Oak Pacific Interactive, a leading Internet group based in Beijing, China, that provides Web 2.0 services, including online entertainment, communication and gaming. As an advocate of the Web 2.0 revolution, Oak Pacific Interactive is dedicated to bringing revolutionary changes to online communication and entertainment in the Chinese Internet industry.


Pheng S. Dang, Overseas Media Relations Manager, Game Center

Oak Pacific Interactive (OPI)

E-mail: dang@opi-corp.com

Office: +86-10-8448-1818 ext. 1890

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