January 2011

GameON: Finance

GameON: Finance is Canada's top business forum for the interactive
entertainment industry connecting developers, innovators, investors
and industry leaders.

Now entering its fourth year, GameON: Finance connects the games
industry’s leading players around new business opportunities in the
interactive entertainment industries.

An Evening With… The Oliver Twins

The Times newspaper named them as two of the top ten Brits who changed video gaming forever. Now, Birmingham Metropolitan College is bringing the games industry to you with our special event, An Evening With… The Oliver Twins. Meet Philip and Andrew Oliver of Blitz Games Studios, hear them talk exclusively about their 30 years of industry experience and get advice on how you can get into gaming.
After starting their career as bedroom programmers in the 1980s, Philip and Andrew Oliver went on to found one of Britain’s most successful games development studios. Their Midlands-based company now boasts six distinct divisions, producing casual games, mature games, serious games, downloadable titles and creating their licensable middleware, BlitzTech. The computer games industry is one of the fastest growing business and entertainment sectors in the world, with career pathways including Games Designer, 3D Animator / Modeller, Concept Artist, Programmer and many more. Find out more by following gamesdev on Twitter and coming to our first An Evening With… event. You could even win an iPod Touch.

  • 25th January 2011
  • Birmingham Metropolitan College, UK


In its third year, the conference brings global video game industry leaders, developers, publishers, lawyers and venture capitalists to explore trends in the marketplace. Forums are designed to facilitate discussion and provide practical approaches for success in the continually-evolving games business.

Mobile Games Forum 2011

MGF is now firmly established as the leading Mobile Games event in Europe.
With the industry attracting new interest and creativity and a whole new generation of technology before us, MGF 2011 is the best place to discuss the crucial issues of the future.

Global Game Jam

The Global Game Jam (GGJ) is the world's largest game jam event occurring annually in late January. Through local sites around the world, thousands of students, professionals, and game development enthusiasts of all kinds come together to take on a singular challenge: making a game in 48 hours.
Why participate? The benefits are limitless. You'll get to: practice rapid prototyping; improve your ability to find a balance between speed, agility and quality; experiment with new software, techniques, or development methodologies; challenge yourself to go further than you ever have before; recharge your creative batteries by working on a small project with no publisher or licensor putting limits on your creativity; meet other developers, designers, artists and musicians from diverse backgrounds (some of whom you might work with some day); and get the "post-mortem" experience of a complete project cycle without having to spend months or years on the same project. Join us, and see for yourself what a difference you can make in just one weekend!

GameCity Nights

A launch party like no other, featuring comedian Graham Goring, Theremin Hero and laser harp wizard Greig Stewart, Time-Freeze's annual biannual fan convention and One Life Left's Derek Williams presents a live Free Market Economy.

GameCityNights are an after-dark exploration of videogames and the culture surrounding them. We aim to fit the best parts of the GameCity festival into a single evening. They're for makers, players, thinkers, drinkers and lovers of interesting stuff.

Every month you can expect; extra special guests (from around the world), a pop up arcade (with great games to play), networking (but in a good way), surprises (that you'll like) and a mysterious box of amazing prizes

  • 28th January 2011
  • Antenna, Beck Street, Nottingham, NG1 1EQ

World of Love 2

The UK independent development community is getting stronger by the year, with dialogue between indie developers becoming richer, more complex and wiser. The last World of Love played host to some very high level discussion on the state of independent development, including questions such as:

Publishers and platform holders have been keen to cash in on it, but who are the actual supporters and who have faltered? How important is support from the big companies in gaming when self published games can succeed without them? How can independent developers ensure that their projects will be successful, and how, if they want to, can they scale from bedroom coding to fully fledged studio?

February 2011


GameSupply Chain Academy for Interactive Entertainment, is the three year old conference devoted to the video game supply chain, from production through retail sales and digital delivery to the consumer.

AES 41st International Conference on Audio for Games

The committee is working hard on a detailed content track that brings up to date information to seasoned developers and also provides the necessary starting points for attendees who are new to the area. As previously, we're working hard on the right balance of technical and creative sessions from the industry's experts. Interest so far means we're shaping up for something pretty special.

We are proud to announce that industry veteran John Broomhall will be the keynote speaker for the conference.

Casual Connect Europe 2011

Casual Connect is the place to learn more about an industry, which entertains 300 million people each month. Learn all about iPhone, Social, Android, Flash, Browser MMO and Download Games.

Animex Pro 2011

Animex Pro is a great opportunity to hear from experts in their fields, and to make those important business connections.

DICE Summit 2011

We don't have a description of this event yet.

The Games Brands Play

Brands playing games? Well, forget for once about pulling in as many eyeballs as possible, this is all about engagement. And it’s why McDonald's opened a farm and American Express is facilitating deals on FarmVille. It's why Discovery Channel rolled out a game for the Deadliest Catch TV show, and Barclays launched the 56 Sage Street online gaming experience. Not to mention all those brands developing apps to get consumers in the games zone.

Gaming the brand isn't child's play, though, and marketers need to know the rules of engagement:

• What does gaming do for the brand?
• Is now the time for that games app?
• What’s so special about social gaming?
• How can brands be part of the gameplay?
• Is gaming right for your brand?

To address these issues – and more – we've recruited a gang of practitioners to come along to our event at the IAB in central London on 16th February 2011 to talk about The games brands play. Our speakers will make the case for brand-games collaborations, showcase their gaming successes, and pretty much deliver the rules of engagement for this kind of branded entertainment.

Gamesblog Live

Join the Guardian's games correspondent Keith Stuart in the first Gamesblog Live event. Keith will getting to grips with topics such as narrative in game design, the evolution of game visuals and the nature of simulation, followed by hands-on time with the titles.

"The aim of the Gamesblog Live events is to give our readers the chance to meet the most talented developers in the world and find out how modern videogames are created.

"It's the perfect chance for gamers, and people interested in getting into the games industry, to meet the experts without having to be crushed to death at big US events like E3 or GDC."

The Flash Gaming Summit

For the last three years, Mochi Media has hosted a one-day conference dedicated to fostering the growth and success of the Flash games community. This year's conference will bring together leaders in the Flash game space to share industry insights and strategies on successful game design, development and monetisation.

GDC 2011

We don't have a description of this event yet.

March 2011

Interactive Age Summit

The Interactive Age summit is offered as a refuge for decision-makers, opinion-leaders, and executives from across the game business to confirm their course, incorporate fresh ideas, and learn about adjustments needed for the future.

Following the content-formula of the acclaimed global business journal for videogames, this live event adds person-to-person connections, conversations, and contacts - compounding key takeaways with relationship opportunities - in an exclusive and elegant setting. Network members can receive a $75 discount on the cost of a ticket by using the registration code: GIbiz75

Game Connection@GDC 2011

Game Connection@GDC is the business event in the video game industry. It will be your best chance to have quality face to face business meetings with dozens of targeted business partners. You will find companies involved in all stages of the production line, outsourcing, publishing, distribution and financing.

At the last edition of Game Connection@GDC, more than 400 companies joined from all over the world (+40 countries) for an average of 30 business meetings per company in just three days. Meetings pre-scheduled online through the Game Connection Meeting Application.

Games Fleadh 2011

Students will be hopping back into the next academic year, with the announcement that Games Fleadh 2011 will honour a classic from the ‘Golden Age of Video Arcade Games’, Frogger © Konami Digital Entertainment. Frogger was released by Konami in 1981 and is still recognised as one of the iconic games from the past three decades. In fact, Frogger is such an icon that it has featured on TV programmes, cartoons, car bumper-stickers, T-shirts and celebrated its 25th anniversary with the release of a special edition on games consoles such as Xbox 360.

TIGA: The Launch of the Scottish Videogames Manifesto

Speakers include Joe FitzPatrick, Member of the Scottish Parliament (MSP) for Dundee West; Andrew Dixon, Chief Executive, Creative Scotland; Richard Wilson, CEO of TIGA.

It is FREE for both TIGA members and non-members; email or call +44 (0) 845 468 2330 to reserve a place.

  • 16th March 2011
  • The Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh, UK

Hamburg Games Conference 2011

This year's event focuses on emerging trends in the computer game industry and the important role of virtual goods in online gaming.

Platform Expos

Platform Expos, which is expecting to draw large crowds, has been created to kick start the high-growth business sector in the region. Gaming experts, businesses, musicians, artists and educational establishments are coming together to stage the event, which is being organised through World Trade Centre Hull & Humber.

It has attracted interest from leading global players including Microsoft, which will give away its new smartphones as prizes for Platform’s 24-hour game creation competition. Microsoft’s new Kinect system, soon to be available for PC as well as X-Box, will also be demonstrated.

Platform is themed around entertainment, play, culture, business, education, showcase and lifestyle, all of which contribute to the sector that is worth more than $70billion and set to double over the next five-to-10 years.

Munich Gaming 2011

Keynote: Oliver Kaltner, Senior Director Retail Sales and Marketing, Microsoft

Panelists: Olaf Coenen (MD EA Germany), Heiko Hubertz (Bigpoint-CEO), Carsten van Husen (Gameforge-CEO), André Sonder (IGA Worldwide)

April 2011

East Coast Game Conference

We're excited to announce that Triangle Game Conference will be returning for it's third edition in 2011 as the East Coast Game Conference and will be bigger and better than ever. We have planned a more substantial technical program designed to attract industry professionals up and down the east coast. Join us April 13th and 14th in the Raleigh Convention Center.

Game Investment Conference

Game Path’s Game Investment Conference (GIC) will play host this year to both investors and game developers looking for new opportunities in the video game market and a place to show off their latest intellectual properties.

Vodafone Android 3D

Vodafone developer, Sony Ericsson and Ideaworks Labs have joined forces to give a unique insight into creating 3D applications and games for Android. There will also be a workshop for developers to put some of these concepts into practice, as well as using the expert advice from the Vodafone developer, Sony Ericsson and Ideaworks Labs teams to help put the finishing touches to any existing Android projects.

May 2011

FMX 2011

FMX is Europe's largest conference on the creation, production and distribution of digital entertainment and interactive visualization in design, industry and research. Every year artists, specialists, scientists, producers and other key people come to FMX to present new projects, developments and opportunities in the Conference, at the Trade Floor, in Workshops or Presentations, in the Recruiting or Education section, Screenings or Events. As a community-based event, the aim is to provide a space where experiences can be exchanged, innovative approaches discussed and ideas multiplied. The conference’s binding theme is the convergence of film, television, computers, consoles and mobile devices.

FMX 2011 focuses on technical issues such as previz and editing in 3D, lighting, interactive software and technology, and how open source can influence the industry.

  • 3rd May 2011
  • Stuttgart, Germany

Nordic Game 2011

The eighth annual Nordic Game conference, being held in the extraordinary venue of Slagthuset in Malmö, south of Sweden, will draw participants from the Nordic region, Europe, North America and Asia, as well as extensive global press coverage. With more than 1,500 expected attendees and a wide variety of presentations, summits and network opportunities, the Nordic Game conference is one of the largest events of its kind in Europe.

Go Go Games

Go Go Games is a free event, taking place in Gateshead. The UK and Gateshead have a wealth of mobile games companies developing for differing mobile platforms from iPhone through to the Nintendo DS. This area of gaming is highly pervasive and appeals to non traditional gamers and is therefore on the increase both in terms of technology and content.

2011 is a pivotal year for mobile gaming and at this opportune time, The Hub has commissioned a conference that will ensure Gateshead companies are armed with knowledge and contacts to help develop into market leaders. Mobile gaming and gaming apps are reaching new audiences and are making games more accessible. This event will aim to help games developers working in this space to focus on the right platforms, content and business models.

The event will give local games developers and students the chance to learn from experts in this field whilst also networking with a national audience of games developers, publishers and aggregators.

LOGIN 2011

LOGIN is the conference for developers in the online game industry, including Facebook game development, MMOG development, Xbox Live and PlayStation Network development, iPhone/iPad development, and digital distribution. This annual conference hosted in Washington state each May brings together a mix of industry leaders to discuss, collaborate, and share advancements about technology, design, business, community and legal areas of online game development.

LOGIN 2011 features two full days of online game development lectures, panels, and roundtables, renowned local and international industry speakers, facilitated networking activities, parties, keynote lunches, meetings and an exhibition area. The conference has an international attendee list of more than 500 of the most influential, forward-thinking leaders in the business of online game development.

INplay 2011

INplay 2011 is a unique, international event that connects kids creative industries with insights and opportunities in the interactive space. From the video game business to the broadcast industry, from toys to 'toons, the INplay conference brings together leaders in the kids space to learn, network and be inspired by the future of kids interactive digital media. The conference will feature three major streams each covering a different dimension of working with properties for kids ages 2-12:

• Inspiration - creativity and content stream
• Investment - business stream
• Insights - research and e-learning stream

Games for Health Conference

Founded in 2004, the Games for Health Project supports community, knowledge, and business development efforts to use cutting-edge games and game technologies to improve health and health care. The Pioneer Portfolio of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation is the lead conference sponsor and a major supporter of the Games for Health Project. To date, the project has brought together researchers, medical professionals, and game developers to share information about the impact games and game technologies can have on health, health care, and policy.

A major effort of the Games for Health Project is the annual Games for Health Conference. Over three days, more than 400 attendees will participate in over 60 sessions provided by an international array of 80+ speakers, cutting across a wide range of activities in health and health care. Topics include exergaming, physical therapy, disease management, health behavior change, biofeedback, rehab, epidemiology, training, cognitive health, nutrition, and health education. The Games for Health Project is produced by the Serious Games Initiative, a Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars effort that applies cutting-edge games and game technologies to a range of public and private policy, leadership, and management issues.

An Evening With... Ian Livingstone

An Evening With... Ian Livingstone

He's won a Bafta, been award an OBE, and brought the world Lara Croft.

Birmingham Metropolitan College is proud to welcome as our next 'An Evening With...' guest one of the founding fathers of interactive entertainment - Ian Livingstone, Life President, Eidos.

He co-founded Games Workshop, launched Dungeons & Dragons in Europe and has sold over 16 million copies of his Fighting Fantasy series of books which have been translated into 25 languages. At Eidos he helped to secure many of the company's major franchises including Tomb Raider and Hitman. Most recently, he has co-authored the Next Gen report, looking at how the UK can be transformed into the world's leading talent hub for the video games and visual effects industries.

Ian will give a very visual account of the struggles of an entrepreneur in the 1970s.From interactive gamebooks to interactive software, Ian will give a brief history of computer games and a detailed history of Lara Croft:Tomb Raider, highlighting the value of intellectual property in a digital age. Don't miss this unique opportunity to meet one of the most important figures in games industry.

£2.50 BMET students £3 everyone else
18.5.11 - 7.00pm
Matthew Boulton Campus
To reserve or book a place(s) either telephone
0121 503 8528
Or email
For more details see

  • 18th May 2011
  • Birmingham Metropolitan College

Canadian Games Conference

The Canadian Games Conference (formerly GDC-Canada) is a two-day conference/exhibition that brings together some of the industry's top innovators, businesses and talent responsible for the explosive growth of the gaming industry, providing a platform to share knowledge and develop industry partnerships while showcasing the beautiful city of Vancouver.

Gamer Camp: Pro | May Open Day

Toying with applying for Gamer Camp: Pro, but unsure whether or not to take the plunge? Well, why not try the demo out first before making that important investment in your future?

Pop along to our second Gamer Camp: Pro Open Day on 21st May 2011 and you'll get a taster of what Gamer Camp is all about with taster sessions, free coffee and all the dry but important info you'll need to know about accommodation, fees and loans.

For the uninitiated, Gamer Camp Pro gives you:

* 1 full year of tangible, intensive, game development experience in a studio environment
* Fundamental, technical grounding in the specific skills the industry require
* An MSc / MA in Video Games Development from Birmingham City University
* Your own working console game to impress recuriters

To attend the Open Day, please register above as either a potential Programmer or Games Artist, then email with your current level of education (e.g. 3rd year computer science student, recent graduate, 2nd year animation student, etc).

We strongly recommend that you should be in either the final year of your degree, or have relevant experience or a degree in either an art, design, maths, physics, or computer science based course.

For further information, including course structure and fees, please visit

June 2011

BAFTA A Life in Pixels: Will Wright

<p>5pm Interview and audience Q&A, followed by networking
Join BAFTA for an on-stage interview with Will Wright, one of the most inspirational thinkers in video gaming history. The man behind the best-selling The Sims franchise and the first ever BAFTA Video Games Fellow, Wright's commitment to creativity and excellence in game design made him the perfect candidate for the first ever BAFTA A Life in Pixels interview.
The event marks the Los Angeles launch of BAFTA's Video Games branch – an active network of the best minds in the industry, focused on championing and rewarding creative excellence.
Wright will be interviewed by IGN's Tal Blevins in the plush setting of Raleigh Studios. The audience will have the chance to ask their own questions, after which we hope you will join us for drinks and light food.
BAFTA A Life in Pixels is a brand new strand from the British Academy of Film and Television Arts, celebrating creative excellence within video games by exploring the career of a major force within the games industry. This event is part of BAFTA's programme of events aimed at offering professional development by sharing the insights of some of the best minds in the industry.
Please RSVP to to confirm your attendance by Monday May 30. Places are limited.
Parking is available on site at a small cost.</p>

  • 5th June 2011
  • Chaplin Theater, Raleigh Studios, 5300 Melrose Avenue, Hollywood

E3 Expo 2011

We don't have a description of this event yet.

TIGA networking lunch - Dundee

Speakers confirmed from Channel 4, eeGeo, Scottish Enterprise and TIGA. Event takes place 12.30-15.30. FREE for both TIGA members and non-members - to reserve a place email

  • 16th June 2011
  • Scottish Enterprise, Enterprise House, 3 Greenmarket, Dundee DD1

Independent Game Developers Association Summit

The IGDA Summit is about Developers helping Developers.

The IGDA Summit will cover topics including: Entrepreneurship, Game Development Community, Quality Assurance, User Testing, Monetization, Indie Boot Camp, Writing about Games, Writing in Games, Quality of Life and Legal Insights.

Digital Content Monetization West

DCM West delivers 60+ content-owner speakers across panels and case studies ensuring you walk away from the conference with detailed information about how to monetize rich media content.

The focus of DCM West is deliberate: every element of your time onsite helps you work out how to deliver revenue from a variety of content and formats across a wide variety of channels.

The pan-industry media & entertainment focus ensures that you learn what people in similar roles: they sell rich media content to similar audiences, so find out what they are doing to drive sustainable revenues from multi-platform content.

You'll network at the highest level with SVPs, Chief Digital Officers and CTOs of content-rich organizations in Film, Sports, TV, Publishing, Games and Music. This is more than just making new contacts - this is your opportunity to find out how your strategies compare with the leading brains in the business.

Noisefloor present Josh Tsui talks Robomodo

The IGDA Chicago is proud to announce an evening at NoiseFloor with Josh Tsui of Robomodo (Tony Hawk Ride). The mixer/talk starts at 6:30pm; Josh will be discussing the story behind Robomodo and the obstacles he's had to overcome to date. Light snack food and drinks will be provided.

  • 23rd June 2011
  • 308 W Erie St #600, Chicago, IL

Paris Game/AI Conference

AI has gone from being used modestly in isolated parts of game engines to helping out with major gameplay systems, such as AI Directors, procedural generation, data-mining, tool automation, and many more. We're seeing a rebirth of Game/AI and this Paris Conference is helping it happen.

The event is sponsored by Havok, Autodesk, Namaste Entertainment, Spir.Ops, Ubisoft and Guerrilla Games - and brings together leading game developers from Europe, including IO Interactive, People Can Fly, Ubisoft studios, Ninja Theory, CCP Games.

  • 23rd June 2011
  • Conservatoire National des Arts et Metiérs, 292 Rue St. Martin,

Gamer Camp Open Day

The Open Day (1.30-4.30pm) at NTI Birmingham's city centre facilities, provides a free taster of Birmingham City University’s industry-endorsed ‘finishing school’ for gamemakers; Gamer Camp: Pro. The 12 month course, provides an MA/MSc in Video Games Development, and runs from September 2011, as students create and build a PlayStation®3 game from the ground up.

Aspiring programmers and games artists who’d like to attend the Gamer Camp: Pro Open Day can do so by registering via

GamerCamp is endorsed by

GameHorizon Conference 2011

The GameHorizon 2011 Conference is backed by the GameHorizon Advisory Board as well as a steering committee featuring some of the games industry’s leading names.

A two-day event, the conference features creative, innovative and inspirational speakers from the worlds of gaming, entertainment and business. Attend and network with the experts, the influencers, the people driving the games industry forward.

Use the code "GHC_GIB" when registering for the best deal!

Gamelab 2011 Conference

Gamelab annually reaches a highly targeted audience of over 2000 participants, including game developers, publishers, investors, service providers, press/media, public institutions, academics and personel from other related digital industries.

Enjoy outstanding opportunities of learning, sharing ideas, communicating and networking, participating in one of the fastest growing events in Europe, and with the extra of being in Barcelona, one of the world's favourite cultural and touristic destinations.

GamesAid Golf and Spa Day

Industry charity event. Attendees will be able to book a 4-ball game of golf, spa treatment and a table for an awards dinner in the evening.

  • 30th June 2011
  • The Grove, Watford

July 2011

Brains Eden 2010

We don't have a description of this event yet.

2011 Intellect CE Conference

This conference will bring vital elements of the new digital value chain together to examine the market challenges and opportunities, growth strategies, and future outlook of the UK digital entertainment industry.

Brains Eden

Kicking off with a massive 48 HOUR GAMES JAM, pairing teams of students and representatives from Sony, Jagex, Ninja Theory, Frontier and several other major UK games companies alongside a host of notable indie game developers!

On 11th July, Brains Eden will then feature a tete a tete between industry and academia with leading industry names talking about future trends, collaboration with education and some of the key threats and opportunities facing the UK’s games industry.

Epic Developer Day

Open to anyone under Epic's non-disclosure agreement (NDA) for commercial Unreal Engine 3 evaluation and/or full license. Sessions covering a range of topics will be presented with time set aside for Q&A and troubleshooting tips. Epic is happy to sign NDAs prior to event. Interested parties may contact European Territory Manager Mike Gamble, with inquiries.

Microsoft Gamefest 2011

Two full days of presentations delivered by professionals with experience developing solutions for the industry’s leading titles. Learn about the state of the business, discover new opportunities for reaching and amazing your customers, and explore all the latest tools and technologies for creating entertainment on Microsoft platforms.

Unreal University

A new academic initiative launched by Epic to offer professional, hands-on guidance to those interested in UDK. Session topics include getting started with UDK, level design best practices, mobile game development tips and tricks and more.

Develop Conference 2011

We don't have a description of this event yet.

Casual Connect Seattle 2011

Casual Connect is the place to learn more about an industry, which entertains 300 million people each month. Learn all about iPhone, Social, Android, Flash, Browser MMO and Download Games.

China Digital Entertainment Expo and Conference (ChinaJoy)

ChinaJoy is the largest games event in Asia, bringing together the entire Chinese games industry over four days to showcase the latest developments in online, social and mobile games in China and abroad.

This year’s exhibition at the Shanghai New International Expo Center includes a 5000 square meter dedicated B2B hall, gathering over 150 exhibitors representing Chinese and overseas game companies, including global leaders like AMD, Crytek, Epic, Intel, Microsoft and NVIDIA, as well as industry pavilions representing game companies from Canada, Germany and Singapore.

The conference program in the adjoining Shangri-La Kerry Hotel Pudong features several days of game business, development and outsourcing presentations, seminars and workshops presented by over 100 prominent Chinese and overseas speakers, as well as a series of important networking events co-organised by the Shanghai Multimedia Industry Association (SMIA) and IGDA Shanghai.

Don't miss the year's best opportunity to connect with the Chinese games industry and to learn how China is changing the way games are made and played in Asia - and around the world.

August 2011


SIGGRAPH 2011 will bring thousands of computer graphics and interactive technology professionals from six continents to Vancouver, Canada for the industry's most respected technical and creative programs focusing on research, science, art, animation, music, gaming, interactivity, education and the web.

Edinburgh Interactive 2011

We don't have a description of this event yet.

Dare ProtoPlay

Scotland’s biggest computer games festival, Dare ProtoPlay, this year comes home to Dundee.

Taking place over three days in Dundee’s Caird Hall, the public gets the chance to try out the very latest computer games for free.

On show will be 15 games produced by the world’s most talented young game developers, who are fighting for a video games BAFTA in the Dare to be Digital game design competition run by the University of Abertay Dundee.

GDC Europe

The Game Developers Conference Europe™ (GDC Europe) is proud to return to the Congress-Centrum Ost Koelnmesse in Cologne, Germany, for a third year of the must-attend European forum for game development industry professionals. GDC Europe features over 100+ lectures taught by leading industry experts, focused on a comprehensive selection of topics pertinent to the European and wider international game development industry.

The 2011 edition of GDC Europe brings with it the addition of four, all-new summits focused on emerging sectors of the game industry to the conference line-up. GDC Europe summits include the Community Management Summit, Independent Games Summit, Smartphone & Tablet Games Summit, and the Social Games Summit. The summits will be held Monday, August 15 through Wednesday, August 17 and are accessible to attendees with Summits & Tutorials pass and an All Access pass.

  • 15th August 2011
  • Congress-Centrum Ost Koelnmesse in Cologne, Germany

Gamescom 2011

We don't have a description of this event yet.

Serious Play Conference

The first-ever Serious Play Conference will take place at the DigiPen Institute of Technology, one of the top game development institutions in the United States.

Serious Play will be attended by heads of corporate, military and healthcare programs using serious games for mission-critical training; Senior educators; Top simulation and education developers; Strategic vendors providing hardware, software and applications for the serious games sector.

The conference will also include the following tracks: Education/home learning; Government training/military simulations; Health/medical training; Business/corporate training; Consumer/games for good

September 2011

Cloud Gaming USA

Cloud Gaming USA is the USA's only conference focused exclusively on Cloud Gaming. Some of the biggest names in the industry including the CEO of THQ, President of GameStop, CEO of Gaikai, Founder of Atari and Chief Creative Director of EA, will meet in San Jose.

TGX 2011

TGX ( is the largest games show in Singapore featuring online, social and mobile games. The event includes both a B2C expo and a B2B matchmaking event (TGX Connects) co-organised with GXA (the Singaporean games industry association)

Other events in conjunction with the show will include a one-day developer conference and a Southeast Asian game association summit organised by GXA.

TGX draws attendees both locally and from many countries in Southeast Asia. TGX also runs developer conferences in the Philippines (Manila), Thailand (Bangkok) and Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City).

Register today to connect with the world's fastest growing games industry at TGX in Singapore.

GamesBusiness Conference

The GamesBusiness conference in Aalborg, Denmark, brings together business decision makers from across the games industry for a day of inspirational talks and discussions on four main topics: Fundraising, Education, Business Development and Trends.

Games Invest 2011

Eurogamer and are again hosting Games Invest as part of the Eurogamer Expo on Thursday 22nd September. Games Invest 2011 is an opportunity for small-to-medium-sized games and tech companies to find out more about public and private games investment, and also have an opportunity to network and pitch informally and formally to investors including SCEE XDev, London Venture Partners and SEGA.

Games Invest 2011

Eurogamer and are again hosting Games Invest as part of the Eurogamer Expo on Thursday 22nd September. Games Invest 2011 is an opportunity for small-to-medium-sized games and tech companies to find out more about public and private games investment, and also have an opportunity to network and pitch informally and formally to investors including SCEE XDev, London Venture Partners, We R Interactive and SEGA.

Eurogamer Expo

The Eurogamer Expo is the UK's biggest dedicated video games event, brought to you by the people behind Eurogamer - Europe's leading independent website for gaming news, reviews, previews and videos.

The Expo features playable versions of the most anticipated games for this Christmas and beyond, and we also welcome the world's most talented developers, who present their work directly to the public in our massive auditorium.

Plus we have tournaments, great prizes, independent games, a retro zone and the Career Fair. What's not to like? Join us this September for the biggest Expo ever!

  • 22nd September 2011
  • Earls Court One, Earls Court, Warwick Road, London, SW5 9TA

Women In Games Conference

The conference focus is Career Development for women within the European games industry, featuring keynote and specialist speakers giving practical advice on getting into and getting ahead in the industry, where as few as 1 in 15 people are women. Career Fair

The event is designed for students, graduates and those looking for a new move in the rapidly changing video game industry, and will feature career talks, roundtables and Q&A sessions from UK and international game developers.


Stagconf is a unique one-day conference on storytelling and games.
Seven international speakers, including Lee Sheldon, Richard Dansky,
Margaret Robertson and James Wallis will talk about storytelling in
games from AAA console to web and social games.

Discounts are available for readers.

Unite 2011

Unite 11 is an event for developers, publishers, enthusiasts and others interested in Unity to come together to learn more about the market-leading platform for creating high quality video games, training simulations, medical and architectural visualizations and other 3D interactive content – and how to get the most out of it. Unite 11 will offer three days of learning including advanced hands-on class tutorials, technical sessions and an opportunity to attend awesome parties.

  • 28th September 2011
  • Nob Hill Masonic Center, 1111 California Street, San Francisco,

October 2011

Game Investment Conference @ SIEGE

The conference starts with Game Pitch!, a session in which developers pitch their game concepts to a panel of investors and industry experts. Details on how to participate in Game Pitch! can be found at

Other conference sessions include:

Market Overview/Segmentation
Social Games
So, You Want to Get Into the Game Business…
Funding Process Overview – Angel, VC, Alternative
Financing Your Game Through Tax Credits
IP Protection
Case Studies

The Game Investment Conference offers technology and game demonstrations during the evening, following the Game Path tradition of intimate, full-access gatherings tailored to both industry luminaries and up-and-comers. Attendees also experience first-hand technology and demos from high-quality, never-before-seen projects.

Southern Interactive Entertainment and Game Expo (SIEGE)

SIEGE brings together professionals, academics, executives, government officials and more from across the region to celebrate the world of gaming. SIEGE's speakers include leading figures from a wide spectrum of the industry, including artists, programmers, designers, writers, teachers and business executives. Special events include keynote speeches, dynamic panels, a mini-incubator, parties, networking events, and a student fair for high school students and others looking for colleges.

TIGA Networking

Join TIGA in Guildford for an informal chat and a chance to network with the games industry.


GameCity is a project of Nottingham Trent University, and a series of regular events culminating in an annual festival that takes place in Nottingham’s best venues and public spaces. GameCity brings people together to participate in interesting things and engage in playful experiences in exciting new ways.

Games for Brands

From ingame advertising and branded virtual goods, through advergames to gamification, this conference will explore all the avenues that organizations can explore to enhance customer and audience engagement using games, game mechanics and gamification.

London MCM Expo

London MCM Expo is London’s Comic Con with 50,000 plus people per show and is a showcase of cult entertainment and popular culture from various segments of the entertainment industry including but not restricted to Science Fiction or Fantasy Films & TV, Animation, Comic Books, Anime & Manga, Pop Art, Collectable’s (Action Figures, Autographs etc.) and Merchandising.

November 2011

Extended Play

The Festival's theme this year is 'Games as a service', which will be explored throughout a two-day programme of Inspiration and Creation, sharing knowledge and fun to industry, students and the public, whilst showcasing the best talent the region has on offer to the UK and beyond

  • 4th November 2011
  • National Marine Aquarium, Plymouth

Internet Week Europe

Internet Week is a five-day festival of events to celebrate Europe's thriving internet industry and community.

London Games Conference 2011

GameStop’s EVP of international, Mike Mauler, will present a keynote on the global games retailer’s digital future.

Meanwhile, games development icons Ian Livingstone (Eidos life president) and Peter Molyneux (Microsoft Game Studios creative director) will jointly deliver a talk looking at the big changes facing video games in the years to come.

DigiWorld Game Summit

More than 150 speakers from Telecom-Media-Internet industries will participate and 70 exhibitors.

Digital Interactive Gaming Conference

The Digital Interactive Gaming Conference (DIG) aims to stimulate game industry growth by providing a forum for Canada’s leading gaming developers, publishers, technology companies and services providers to connect, learn, and share ideas. Held in London, Ontario annually, DIG attracts over 600 professionals and creators of console, pc, mobile, and online games, as well as students from across Canada.

  • 16th November 2011
  • London Convention Centre, London, Ontario

Future Gaming & Digital Conference 2011

The leading future gaming & digital conference in the Midlands.

LAUNCH: Future Gaming & Digital Conference 2011

Speakers include Alex McLean, Studio Head – Birmingham, VP Development, Codemasters, Ilmari Heikkinen of Google UK, Mike Gamble, European Territory Manager, Epic Games, Philip Oliver, CEO of Blitz Games Studios, Chris Southall, CTO of SEGA Europe, Ian Livingstone, OBE, Life President, Eidos, Trevor Williams, COO of Playground Games, Rob Hawkes, Technical Evangelist of Mozilla, various indie studio showcases and demonstrations, and many more.

CES Unveiled

Featuring a CES press conference and innovative tabletop displays from major consumer technology manufacturers, CES Unveiled @ London will be in partnership with the UK Trade & Investment (UKTI).

Investing in Video Games - Early Stage

Are you looking to raise early stage funding for your independent video games studio? How do you meet the right people to help scale your business and allow you to produce the next hit-title in the current on-line world? We have pulled together a fantastic panel of angel and early stage investors who might be able to help.

Hear from Ed Vaizey, Minister for Communications, Culture and Creative Industries; Ian Livingstone and Dave Bailey and Paul Croft of Mediatonic.

Develop Liverpool

The Develop in Liverpool Conference is designed to meet the demands of the thriving game community based in the north, with three tracks and multiple networking sessions including a post event drinks reception.

December 2011

Evolve London

Evolve in London is a day-long conference focusing on how to develop games for new platforms, new technologies and new markets.

Game Connection Europe 2011

In addition to its very popular business meeting system designed for decision makers, this year the show will offer a series of conferences and master classes bringing significant added value to delegates. Production technicians, industry experts and publishing professionals will have the opportunity to learn and grow professionally with a series of high level conferences, themed workshops and training sessions.


AdventureX is the point & click adventure game event where you can see classic adventure games in production & meet the people who make them. Whether you're a fan of point & click adventures, if you're a developer or just someone who is curious - come and join us at AdventureX and find out more about this vibrant computer game scene!

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