June 2021

INDIGO - Dutch business & game showcase event

: INDIGO is the leading game business and showcase event in the Netherlands. Organized annually by Dutch Game Garden. INDIGO consists of MeetToMatch, TALKS, and DISCOVER. Each of these tracks has a different focus and goal:

Find your perfect business partner through MeetToMatch with dozens of established publishers and investors participating. Get inspired by industry experts and like-minded game entrepreneurs during our quality TALKS conference, and explore the latest games by Dutch developers at DISCOVER!

INDIGO 2021 will be a hybrid event. Meaning that the entire event and it's content will be available both online as physical.

June 2020


INDIGO is the largest game business and showcase event in the Netherlands. Organized annually by Dutch Game Garden, INDIGO brings together the game industry from the Netherlands and beyond.

We believe that INDIGO is pretty unique: It?s a platform for developers, publishers, investors, press and other interested parties to connect, and create new opportunities together. INDIGO has the perfect atmosphere to encourage business relationships and inspire future projects!

June 2019

Game Quality Forum Global

The Game Quality Forum offers a unique opportunity to interact and collaborate with peers from across the industry to push for the betterment of every release.
Welcoming expert speakers from Electronic Arts, Amazon, Ubisoft, King, Riot Games, Kakao Games, Natural Motion Games, Plarium, Ninjas in Pyjamas and many more, this is the most international and senior speaker faculty ever.

Learn from Game Quality Gurus including:
·         David King, Technical Director, Electronic Arts
·         Michelle Mangio, Director of Product Quality, Amazon
·         Guillaume Desjardins, Dev Testing Lead, Ubisoft
·         Ghulam Khan, Head of QA & Localisation, SEGA
·         Alexander Andelkovic, Senior Agile Testing Lead, King
·         John Pompei, Head of Player Experience, Electronic Arts
·         Cole Tufts, QA Lead, Riot Games
·         Nicolas Nottin, Head of Community Development, Flare Games
·         Gabriel Tendera, Lead QA Tester, Techland
·         Sebastien Jung, EMEA Community Project Manager, PUBG Corporation
Find out more by downloading the agenda or emailing the team at

April 2019

Everything Procedural 2019

A variety of lectures, talks and demonstrations in the field of procedural content generation. The conference will cover various topics ranging from procedural game design, level design, storytelling, world building to generative art.

November 2017

Control Conference

Control Conference is an event by game development magazine Control. You can expect talks on various aspects of game development, covering subjects such as game art, design, programming and the business side of making games.

Previous editions included international speakers from (among others) EA DICE, Playdead, Double Fine, The Chinese Room and Naughty Dog, but also Dutch developers like Vlambeer (Nuclear Throne), Ronimo Games (Awesomenauts), Guerrilla (Killzone-series and Horizon Zero Dawn) and KeokeN Interactive (Deliver Us The Moon).

October 2017

The Overkill Festival

The Overkill Festival takes place at the Medisch Spectrum Twente (MST) in Enschede, Netherlands on 27th October 2017

  • 27th Oct 2017 - 29th Oct 2017
  • Medisch Spectrum Twente (MST), Enschede, Netherlands, Europe

June 2017


INDIGO 2017 takes place at the De LiK in Utrecht, Netherlands on 30th June 2017

Unite Europe 2017

Unite Europe 2017 takes place at the Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam, Netherlands on 27th June 2017

May 2017

Indievelopment 2017

Indievelopment 2017 takes place at the De Jaarbeurs in Utrecht, Netherlands on 29th May 2017

November 2016

Everything Procedural

Everything Procedural takes place at the NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences in Breda, Netherlands on 16th November 2016

Dutch VR Days 2016

Dutch VR Days 2016 takes place at the Various in Amsterdam, Netherlands on 3rd November 2016

  • 3rd Nov 2016 - 6th Nov 2016
  • Various, Amsterdam, Netherlands, Europe

Dutch VR Days 2016 Utrecht

Dutch VR Days 2016 Utrecht takes place at the Werkspoorkathedraal Utrecht in Utrecht, Netherlands on 3rd November 2016

  • 3rd Nov 2016 - 6th Nov 2016
  • Werkspoorkathedraal Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands, Europe

September 2016

Control Conference

Control Conference is an event by game development magazine CONTROL. You can expect talks on various aspects of game development, covering subjects such as game art, design, programming and the business aspects of making games.

This year’s line-up includes international speakers from, among others, EA DICE, Playdead, Double Fine, Rebellion and The Chinese Room, but also Dutch developers like KeokeN Interactive (Deliver Us The Moon) and Abbey Games (Reus and Renowned Explorers).

November 2014

Control Conference

A mix of international speakers and local heroes make for an interesting line-up of the second Control Conference, November 25 in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

Among the strong line up are Naughty Dog's concept artists John Sweeney and Nick Gindraux, Bioware's art director Derek Watts, Minecraft's composer Daniel 'C418' Rosenfeld, Vlambeer's co-founder and game designer Jan Willem Nijman as well as Irrational Games' former studio director and VP, Leonie Manshanden.

The developer focused conference is being organized by Dutch developer publication Control Magazine and will be completely in English.

June 2014

Playful Arts Festival 2014

Playful Arts Festival stimulates the cross-over between different fields of play, interaction and design. Part festival part showcase it celebrates playful culture.

The inaugural edition of the festival focuses on showcasing games that evoke physical and emotional responses by putting the player into action with friends and foes. Theme: Collaborative Play

May 2014

Indie Gameleon 2014

Indie Gameleon is a festival organized by Indie Game developers, for Indie Game developers, Game Design students and Indie Game enthusiasts. The festival includes, but is not limited to: lectures, workshops, Indie Game Showcase, Game Jam and 8-bit dance party.

April 2014

Indievelopment 2014

Indievelopment is organised by students, for students and the game development industry. At Indievelopment, independent game developers from all over the world share their experiences in game development and our visitors are given the chance to extend their network and meet their favourite developers. This is the third edition of the event, which was previously attended by nearly 500 visitors and had speakers such as Chris Avellone from Obsidian Entertainment and Robin Hunicke & Austin Wintory from PlayStation hit Journey. Our host was none other than Rami Ismail from Dutch indie developer Vlambeer.

February 2014

Casual Connect Europe 2014

Casual Connect is the place to learn more about an industry which entertains billions of people each month. Learn all about iPhone, Social, Android, Flash, Browser MMO and Download Games.

October 2013

Games For Health Europe

Founded in 2004, the Games for Health Project supports community, knowledge and business development efforts to use cutting-edge games and game technologies to improve health and health care. The Pioneer Portfolio of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation is the lead conference sponsor and a major supporter of the Games for Health Project.

June 2013

Gameland Kids

Game Land is a unique combination between an amusement park and a gaming event, aimed at anyone who is a fan of gaming and amusement parks.

  • 21st Jun 2013 - 22nd Jun 2013
  • Attractie- en vakantiepark Slagharen, Slagharen, Netherlands

April 2013

Indievelopment 2013

On 25 April 2013, we will host once again Indievelopment, the only conference in The Netherlands focussed on the independent game development scene. We aim to present talks on a wide variety of subjects related to independent game development, and we already have a very interesting line-up of various international speakers. Don't miss this opportunity to listen and talk to some of the biggest names in the indie scene!

March 2013

Dutch Society for Simulation in Healthcare (DSSH) 2013

All about serious and applied gaming, app development and IT solutions for training medical professionals.

August 2012

Amsterdam Got Game Conference

We don't have a description of this event yet.

  • 20th Aug 2012 - 21st Aug 2012
  • Rode Hoed, Keizersgracht 102 1015 CV Amsterdam, Netherlands

April 2012

The Festival of Games

The Festival of Games is the meeting place for decision makers from the entire value chain of the games industry and related industries such as TV, film, news papers, telecom and many more...

Festival of Games attracts front-runners in business, strategy, marketing, finance, game art, design, technology and development. Focused on boardroom knowledge and deal-making, the Festival of Games is a platform for executives and entrepreneurs.

  • 19th Apr 2012 - 20th Apr 2012
  • Jaarbeurs Juliana Room, Utrecht, the Netherlands

April 2011

October 2010

HTML5 Game Jam

We don't have a description of this event yet.

  • 9th Oct 2010 - 10th Oct 2010
  • Hilversum, the Netherlands

June 2010

NLGD Festival of Games 2010

Bringing together the top players in the game and multimedia industries by attracting the key audience from Executive & Finance, Strategy & Marketing, IT, game Art & Design to build new partnerships, share, innovate and prosper together.

June 2009

NLGD Festival of Games

Europe is quickly becoming the new center for creativity in game development as more and more international publishers are looking for the innovations coming from European studios. Europe is also a big player in the field of applied games, as well as advergames. The Festival of Games harnesses Europe's creative power and gives an insight in the unique European approach. Industry, academic and business leaders share and combine their opinions and visions.
The Festival of Games consists of a main thought leader Conference, Workshops, a professional Expo with a Career Fair and a Project Fair. The event is a platform and a meeting point for the European games community.

June 2008

NLGD Festival of Games

The Festival of Games is one of the largest professional game festivals in Europe, it sets the stage for the fast growing European game development market.

  • 14th Jun 2008 - 22nd Jun 2008
  • Utrecht, the Netherlands

February 2008

Casual Connect

We don't have a description of this event yet.

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