The countdown for the European Innovative Games Award 2012 is running: In about two weeks, on tuesday, February 5, the winners of the E.I.G.A. 2012 will be announced in Frankfurt am Main. Since 2008, the award that is carried out in cooperation with the European Commission honors the most innovative games of the continent. For the E.I.G.A. 2012, which is awarded in the categories T Innovative Technology, GD Innovative Game Design, AME Innovative Application Methods and Environments as well as N Innovative Newcomer, twelve titles from seven countries are nominated. Three of them, like for example Game Change Rio, made by Code Sustainable from Frankfurt, compete for the award in the category N Innovative Newcomer, that is endowed with 10.000 Euros from the Hessian Ministry of Economics. All in all, four nominations go to German productions. Along with APlay Multiplayer Engine from Activator and articy:draft from Nevigo, Tiny& Big: Grandpas Leftovers from Black Pants Studios made it to the shortlist.

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