Your chance to ask the experts about issues affecting the UK's rapidly-evolving industry. Tonight's panel includes:

Peter Molyneux OBE - founder of Lionhead Studios and Bullfrog Productions, and until recently Creative Director of Microsoft Game Studios Europe, Peter is now Creative Director at a new startup, 22Cans.

Ian Livingstone OBE - founder with Steve Jackson of Games Workshop and the Fighting Fantasy series of interactive gamebooks, Ian is Life President of Eidos, Vice Chairman of UKIE and co-chair of their Next Gen Skills Campaign.

Alice Taylor - previously VP Digital for BBC Worldwide (LA), and commissioner of Channel 4 Education games, apps and web TV shows, Alice is the founder of MakieLab, a new company producing customisable, 3D-printed, game-enabled toys.

Dave Bailey - is co-founder of Mediatonic, a studio based in central London whose team of around 40 design high quality social and mobile games in partnership with media giants such as Disney, EA, Time Warner and Sony.

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