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NCAA Football 10

Season Showdown regular season begins today. Or yesterday, in fact.

August 31, 2009— Since the launch of NCAA Football 10 on July 14th, hundreds of thousands of college football fans have experienced the excitement of the all-new Season Showdown competition. The Season Showdown pre-season is now over and based on credits users have accumulated for their school of choice, the following institutions are in the top ten heading into the Season Showdown regular season:

1) Ohio State (more than 100 million credits earned during the pre-season)

2) Florida

3) Texas

4) Michigan

5) Miami

6) Florida State

7) USC

8) LSU

9) Alabama

10) Notre Dame

With the start of the Season Showdown regular season, there are now five categories in which users can earn credits. The winning school for each week is determined by a best of five format, so in addition to playing games on the console, it is imperative that users go online to play the web based games through the Facebook application ( http://apps.facebook.com/seasonshowdown) or through the Season Showdown website ( http://seasonshowdown.easports.com).

NEW! ONLINE VS. SHOWDOWN OPPONENT Beginning today and throughout the regular season, in order to earn additional credits, Season Showdown participants will need to defeat their weekly Showdown opponent on Xbox 360 or PS3, which is determined by their school’s real world opponent for that week. For week #1, the game of the week is Miami vs. Florida State, as this matchup pits two top 10 Season Showdown teams against one another. NEW! WEB BASED GAME! ALLIES & RIVALS [Play online through Facebook http://apps.facebook.com/seasonshowdown or at http://seasonshowdown.easports.com]

With the start of the regular Season Showdown season, the “Allies & Rivals” component is now live, as well. This online poll allows users five votes to put towards any five schools of their choice, with no school receiving more than one vote. By looking at who their rivals are playing each week, users could put votes towards their opponents’ team in hopes of keeping their rivals from winning that category.


[Play online through Facebook http://apps.facebook.com/seasonshowdown or at http://seasonshowdown.easports.com]

As the other web based feature, users can answer trivia questions that will be totaled and credited towards their school’s overall points.

VS. CPU Users can gain credits by playing on Xbox 360 or PS3 against any school offline. ONLINE VS. NATION Users can gain credits by playing on Xbox 360 or PS3 against anyone online in the nation.

At the end of the regular season, based on credits accumulated, the top 32 Season Showdown schools will compete in a single elimination tournament to decide the ultimate Season Showdown champion.

To compete in Season Showdown or to learn more, please log on to http://seasonshowdown.easports.com.


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