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Namco Networks Officially Established As Mobile Game Subsidiary

SAN JOSE, Calif. (Jan. 9, 2006) - Namco Networks, a leading publisher and developer of wireless games and content, today announced the official establishment of NAMCO NETWORKS AMERICA INC. as the mobile-dedicated subsidiary for Namco Bandai Holdings (USA) Inc..

"While the wireless content division of Namco America has always been heavily involved in the publishing and development of mobile games, the establishment of this mobile-dedicated company allows us to concentrate exclusively on mobile content and be a leader in this rapidly growing and changing industry," said Kenji Hisatsune, President, CEO and COO of Namco Networks. "Like Namco America before it, Namco Networks will continue to provide fun, high-quality mobile games that 'push the envelope', both in content and in the leveraging of increasingly sophisticated mobile technology."

Namco Networks will continue to expand its comprehensive catalog of branded and original games, which already includes arcade classics like PAC-MAN®, Ms. PAC-MAN®, Galaga® and Dig Dug®. Namco Networks will also be adding 3D mobile games to their catalog, including games based on the best-selling Namco brands Time Crisis® and Ridge Racer®.

Namco Networks will continue to create and publish new games that are cutting edge, taking advantage of the networked nature of the mobile phone and other unique technologies that the mobile platform provides.

Namco Networks will also remain a provider of other exclusive mobile content based on video games to all major carriers, including ringtones of video game sounds and music, and wallpapers, which feature characters and screenshots from video games.

"Namco Networks is committed to providing great content to the growing number of consumers looking for fun and entertainment 'on the go' on their cell phones and PDAs," Hisatsune said. "Through our top-selling games, strong partnerships and consistent revenue growth, we have created a reputation as a leader in this industry, a reputation which is maintained by our team of dedicated professionals."

Galaga® ®1981 2004 Namco Ltd., PAC-MAN® ®1980 2004 Namco Ltd., MS. PAC-MAN® ®1980 1982 2004 Namco Ltd. RIDGE RACER® ®1993, 2005 Namco Ltd., TIME CRISIS MOBILETM ®1995, 2005 Namco Ltd., Dig Dug® ®1982 2005 Namco Ltd., All Rights Reserved.

About Namco Networks

Established January 1, 2006, Namco Networks America Inc. is a subsidiary of Namco Bandai Holdings (USA) Inc., a Tokyo-based world leader in the high-tech entertainment industry. Namco Networks uses cutting-edge technology to provide fun, quality entertainment to mobile consumers throughout the Americas. For more information about Namco Networks' mobile games, please visit: www.namcogames.com.

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